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Thread: First one for 2014.

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    First one for 2014.

    Hi All.
    Well! first roe doe of the new year plus first one for my Steyr Mannlicher in Rem260. Load 120grn Nosler BT 46grns Reloader 19 primer cci200.
    Have shot a few muntjac with the 260 and i have to say the more i use it the more i like steyr 260. The 140grn Rem corlok with 40grns H414
    also shot very well in this rifle.
    Just a pict or two.
    All the best Lever man.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails First roe doe rem260 120grn nosler bt 008.JPG   First roe doe rem260 120grn nosler bt 005.JPG   fmpw.jpg  

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    Very nice and congrats !

    Wats the weight on the front of the barrel ?

    A counterbalance perhaps ?

    Your suppressor/moderator looks a good deal larger then the ones most folks use here .

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