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Thread: lifeproof iphone 5 case where you get yours?

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    lifeproof iphone 5 case where you get yours?

    working with a guy who has one of these lifeproof phone away to renew contract and new phone so was wondering where you guys bought yours from?

    the guy got his abroad with work and apparently lot of fakes out there ....just wondering if any reliable uk sellers etc?


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    there are too many fake ones to bother. I would go for an otterbox.

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    IFIRC I got mine for 4s through amazon, better than an otter box IMHO.
    Had an otter box defender, and it was letting dust in.
    At least the life proof are waterproof too.

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    I had otterbox for my old iphone but too bulky and wasn't greatest with air gap between screens looking like water distorting the view....

    this lifeproof very slim and I work all over different countries etc and like the look of it.....form & function or whatever


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    I bought mine from I've had an Otterbox previously and the Lifeproof case is certainly better and much much slimmer. Worth the extra dosh in my view.

    Lifeproof for iPhone 5 - buy at

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    I had one of these on my iphone. I live in a fairly marginal area signal-wise and this made signal reception noticeably worse. Had to take it off and go back to a wallet style leather one, which hopefully gives a bit of protection if you drop it, but much better signal.

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    I changed from Otterbox (iphone 3) to Griffin Survivor (iphone 5), it was the best decision....
    This case is outstanding for everyday outdoor use
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    Quote Originally Posted by Wildboar1973 View Post
    I changed from Otterbox (iphone 3) to Griffin Survivor (iphone 5), it was the best decision....
    This case is outstanding for everyday outdoor use
    2nd vote for Griffin had one on my 4, got one on my ipad and my iphone 5. excellent case.

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    Get on and have a look at the slim armor and the light glass protection. I have both on my Samsung s4 and they are great.

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    I use a aqua pac flex, can also fit my car key in there as have keyless entry is fully waterproof, Iv tested it lots as I also Kayak and spent some time upside down, Plus its cheap!

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