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Thread: Lost My Stalking Ground

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    Lost My Stalking Ground

    Well, what a phone call, just been told that the current owners (Well, previous owners) have sold the ground I had the stalking on . This has come totally out of the blue to say the least .

    Gutted, totally gutted!!

    Never saw it coming at all. Was looking to doing my L2 on there, which was obviously well benificial to me as I know the ground, know where the Sika hang out, know when the Red come onto it etc.....

    Don't know what the new owners are going to do, but I was lucky to get it in the first place. Wait and see, but not holding my breath.

    So, if anybody has a stalking lease (Inverness Area) up for grabs, please get in touch!!

    A very disheartened TJ.

    Merry Christmas.

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    You poor devil - just when it was shaping up so well. Fingers crossed that it will come right in the end.

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    TJ its always a downer when this sort of thing happens but dont waste any time contacting the new owners to see if you can carry on doing the deer management before someone else does
    Unfortuately these days you might have to let your wallet do most of the talking.
    I hope it all works out for you

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    I lost a few bits locally over the past two years, one due to death of the owner the others as the owner retired and sold up.
    I have managed to pick up more to replace it. keep your pecker up.

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    lost stalking

    Lost the deer management on the ground i keeper today aswell The new land agent has not included the deer in the syndicates new contract i worked hard to try and maintain a healthy population which the tenant farm was very happy with and also the syndicate i work for was more than happy with but as with most things these days the agent probably has some wealthy cowboy lined up to come over twice a year and undo all the hardwork

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    well what a shitter really feel for you mate , keep ure chin up and i hope it all works out for you soon !

    all the very best , lee

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    Sorry to hear it TJ. Big money and big syndicates seem to be order of the day. Hopefully you can sweet talk the new owners. My mate had two estates sold out from under him this year. Me I haven't found ground yet but not for the want of trying,

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    I'll know how feels soon enough... my shooting buddy rang me all excited last week to say he's found us some land in West Sussex. Bit of a trek but there's deer on it so worth the drive.
    Then in the next breath said "but I don't know for how long, it's for sale"

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    Thats a real bugger TJ, but chin up mate, I'm sure that you'll have more soon (and of course like others have said get onto the new owners asap!). In the mean time I bet there's plenty of lads on here willing to take you out for a stalk or two!



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    Try not to dwell on it mate, you'll do just as well without it! 8) , a bit different, but I lost a bit of ground through the owner being approached by one of his kids mates father, as their kids were at the same school he got the ground, but he'll need me before I need him!

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