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Thread: Slight over kill! Heart & neck shot with one round!

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    Slight over kill! Heart & neck shot with one round!

    After a rather frustrating morning due to gusting winds and bumping some hinds I had a blank morning so after lunch I decided to move to the other side of the estate hoping for better luck!

    I drove up to the clear felling on the hill to glass over back to the west. At the edge of the forest a number of deer were about and so this was where I head for. Skirting the edge of the forest I made quite a quick ascent. It was now 2.50pm and so would be the last chance of a stalk so no messing it up.

    At the corner of the forest the ground plateaued and gave no cover, I double backed to find a hole in the fence and cut up through the forest. Breaking the forest I came out just short of the next plateau. Crawling the last few yards to pier over there were quite a few deer but I targeted a small calf. I crawled forwards to try and get the barrel through the fence but getting the cross hairs on the target pushed the barrel down onto the fence. I shifted over well aware that the calf was moving across the hill and soon could be out of sight. As I pushed forwards I was well aware of a stag couched up no more than 40 meters way looking in my direction. I wasn’t in the most comfy of positions having negotiated a large grass tussock to find that I was in a hollow. I pushed myself into the rifle against the bipod legs giving me a steady rest. The calf was now nearly full broadside on but just slightly away from me. I quickly picked her up putting my aim just behind her leg. She dropped immediately falling down the slope. As the deer cleared one or two hung about but there had been so many I couldn’t count them.

    Back at the larder I inspected the calf a little more as on the hill the weather had closed in and the light was fading fast. I could clearly see the entry wound but the exit wasn’t where I would have expected it, it was out the back of the neck. After skinning it, it was clear that the shot had passed through ricocheting off the shoulder then travelled up through the neck breaking it. As a hunter I always want a quick and swift end to whatever I am hunting but a heart and neck shot with one round!

    The photo shows the tanned skin with the entry and exit wounds.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    I`ve had odd bullet travel before as well, including a chest shot that exited through the stomach (entry on the horizontal, exit on the vertical )

    Heart and neck shot at the same time is a bit fortunate though,

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    Can we ask, what bullet was it, specifically?

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    Wow, you wouldn't expect that to turn too many corners, would you?

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    I managed a neck and heart shot with one shot on a hind which was laying down and i was shooting down at her at an angle of about 60 deg. I took a long time to get her neck and chest in alignment in case shot was not as accurate as i was expecting. As it was she did not move after the shot, neck still resting on her chest but with a hole in it and one in heart to boot!

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