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Thread: Static caravan moving

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    Static caravan moving

    Not stalking related, however checking the forum for experience or knowledge.
    I've just bought a mobile home and wandered what the rules are regarding towing it to its new location? The distance is 6 miles - can I tow it behind my 4x4 on the public highway? I have a licence that allows towing.

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    maybe behind a tractor but not 4x4 would say that is not legal might have to have an escort too
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    I would say no.The wheels are only for loading unloading an shifting into place.The caravan will be over 750kg which meens it has to be braked.

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    It depends on the dimensions of the "trailer"(mobile home)......

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    no you cant im afraid, as has said above it will weigh more than 750 kilos so it would need to be braked to be legal, the wheel are only designed for loading and unloading purposes

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    Orchard Caravans at Wells-next-the-sea are the specialists for this sort of thing in Norfolk. I have no personal connection with the company but I know they have good longstanding reputation.

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    As stated above wheels are designed for loading and loading and placement only at low speeds. I would recommend using a specialist company, as they will have all the relevant insurance should anything go wrong.

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    Try Shiply - they did a good job for a mate.

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    A definite No No !
    Wheels won't cope with distance or speed
    frame wont cope with the torsional strain
    Coppers won't cope with you explaining what you're doing.

    Van driver who towed static caravan was 'utterly stupid' | Nottingham Post

    You could always call out the AA & say it's broken down...!

    Rgds, Buck.
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    Thank you all - just as I thought, nevertheless interesting to get the reasons too.

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