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Thread: Fishing

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    How many on here fish?
    Ive done Trout,Barbel & Carp & to be honest I prefer Trout & Barbel,Not that fussed with Carp.

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    Been fishing about 23 years now my first fish was a perch of about 1 1/2 pounds and I still love catching big perch , I love piking too but also fly fish for trout and fit in a couple of sea trips per year
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    Barbel n carp, I stalk them

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    It's what started my love affair with the countryside 40 odd years ago thanks to my father .

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    Yep fished since I was 8 with a rod my grandad bought me. Used to catch a lot of eels. Now I do mostly fly fishing on the river tweed. Hoping to get out soon for the grayling.

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    Do a little carp fishing but mainly flounder, bass the odd mullet and trout.

    Im fishing this coming Saturday at bessy beck for trout in Cumbria if anyone fances it.

    Fished on a boat once in Wales on a lads adventure which was fun wouldn't mind another bash.

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    I was a maggot dipper before i was of school age, solid wood rod and baker light cast metal rings and wooden reel for sea fishing and a tank aerial with home made eyes for fresh no reel just whip paid out by hand .
    now days hyper- loops and bait runners bells and all the whistles lol

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    Caught my first 'full house' (5 fish on 5 feathers) of mackerel of the quay at Campbelltown when i was 7, i too was hooked & been fishing ever since, my daughter caught her first fish (8 inch bass) end of summer at Dell Quay she is nearly 5yrs, now she wants to go all the time, its a sport/pastime that i feel offers a great deal and more youngsters should be given a rod n line than a phone...!

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    Fly fishing, for my living and my hobby.
    If i had to give up stalking or fishing it would be.......deer stalking, i am just too passionate about my fishing.

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    Im an avid fisher As soon as the March browns are out with the Large dark olives Im on the river, Ill see the Yellow May Duns out. Then the Sea Trout flies are dug out and Im on the Till every second week from the last week in May untill the start of August.

    Ive swung fae the rocks on the East coast of Scotland for winter Cod, chased Dogfish during the summer on the West coast. Fished for Salmon. But the River Trout and Sea Trout are my passion.

    Ive also done a few articles a few years ago for Total Sea Fishing and Todays Flyfisher.


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