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Thread: how long to hang

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    how long to hang

    Hi All,
    Just wandered how long you hang your deer for?
    I have a Fallow carcass hanging in the garage still in it's jacket. provided the temperature doesn't rise above 7degrees I was going to leave it till Saturday. this will be 6 days is that too long? normally I skin them within a day but i thought i'd try and hang this one a bit.
    What do you do?


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    Without teaching you to suck eggs, watch out for flies. I am still seeing blue bottles flying about. To answer your question, I will hang in these conditions 2 Days. When really cold 3/4. I recently borrowed a cold room and hung a Roe in there for 5 days and it was spot on. You will get loads of different suggestions but the above works for me. I have a cellar that I normally use but even there I still need to watch out for flies.

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    Looking at a project that may be able to supply larders. my mate is a refrigeration supplier to major projects. We were discussing a portable design. More later on that if he gives the goahead. They will be a paid item advertised on the site. I have a flyproof shed/larder but never seem to get the opportunity to hang more than a couple of days either too hot or freezing hard. Jim

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    the problem with this time of year the day time temp flutuates to much
    which can cause the cooling process to be all to cock as the carcass temp may stay quite high for a day or so longer , which may result in sweating
    the sooner you can get it skinned and cut up the better now as even sticking it in a fridge may not delay the decompositon process that much
    just check it daily and keep an eye out for the chest cavity starting to moist up along with any moisture build up on exposed flesh on the haunches where you may hav cut the pelvic bone , a change in smell also is a good indicator so get your nose up close and personal
    and already mentioned flies

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