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Thread: Dog Mixer biscuits

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    Dog Mixer biscuits

    Can anyone recommend from personal experience (well your dog obviously not you ) a brand of biscuit mixer to use with my dogs for adding to their raw food diet?

    I will need to get three types as my dogs are 3 months, 4 years and 14 but am interested on peoples opinions before I do.

    From a quick look on google, the following seem to get good reviews:

    natural choice hollistic mixer

    laughing dog



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    Hi Dave,

    when you say mixer I assume you are talking about a quality dried food? Not the **** bulk mixer which some people add to their dogs food.

    I've got 2 Vizslas which are on a raw diets but I also add some dried. I use a food called Eden Eden Pet Foods : the home of the ancestral diet Home of the Ancestral Diet

    I think it's excellent quality and very well priced if you buy the working dog packages


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    I feed mine on tripe and biscuit

    50% each way! I let them pick the biscuits in the sample pots in my local dog food suppler, he likes to see his customers. Heavens now why, it's like a day out in a super gunshop with a sale on.

    They do very well on it! never have any left over, I wouldn't like to have them on just dried food, they were all reared up on fresh food with dry % food later

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    Thanks for putting that link up Robert , I'm going to give it a try

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