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Thread: temperature ranges and effect on guns etc

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    temperature ranges and effect on guns etc

    good evening all, I am looking for some helpful input... I am considering putting my gun safe in to my loft.

    now whilst I realise the conditions I have to meet with the FLO what I have no knowledge on is the effect that the temperature range in a loft space has on the riffle, the scopes or even the bullets. I was up there this evening and it was chilly. probably <10 degrees C but in the summer it will be >30degrees C.

    would this temp range have adverse effects on the riffle (synthetic and stainless) or would the scope be more susceptible to damage or loss of zero?. I do not wish to have to re-zero every time I go out.

    all help greatly appreciated.

    Big bloke... but outta shape

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    Should have no effect on accuracy

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    30 degrees is not hot for a loft space - some get way higher than that - 40 or 50 is not uncommon depending on construction details.
    The rifle should be ok with the heat or the cold if it is fairly constant - Temperature changing quickly can lead to stress in optics & also can lead to condensation forming on the metalwork so keep a look out for corrosion.
    The biggest worry IMHO would be for the ammunition primers & powder all "like" to be kept at a constant (preferably cool) temperature & may suffer degradation if subjected to extreme heat.
    You could of course insulate above & around the cabinet so that it isn't subject to the extremes of temperature.


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    get a thermostatically controlled heater for a pet tank (dry rather than water immersed one!)

    30 deg is fine but low temps promote condensation especially as your gun will have travelled through a warmer house first

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    You may be able to cut a say 2" dia hole in the bottom of the cabinet with a corresponding 2" hole in the ceiling below, bit of short ducting and corresponding grilles to tidy it. It may equalise temp/humidity from the room below.

    I've no idea whether it will work and never seen it done.

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    I have 2 gun cabinets in the loft & as long has the guns are clean, dry & oiled there has never been a problem in the last 7 years.

    The only problem is when you bring a rifle down into the house when the heating is on especially in the winter, the scope will mist up,I just let it get up to room tempratur & every thing has been ok up till know.


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    I believe optocs planet ships internationally also..

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    Agree with Yorric. Consistency is important. Big fluctuations will cause problems with firearm storage. It also depends equally on how humid your loft is. Many modern lofts are well sealed but others can be damp. In the summer temperature will fluctuate too much for my liking and certainly if you bring a damp wooden stock and put it in a very warm place there could be problems.

    In terms of ammo/powder storage I don't think it would be dangerous but it would be far from ideal and it would put doubt in my mind when it came to testing loads. I have carried and used ammo in temperatures up to 50degC over a period of months with no problems but from what I have read different powders have different reaction to temperature so I would research this.

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    thanks for the input fella's I appreciate your time and efforts.

    looks like I will have to do some more research then make up my mind.

    thanks again.

    Big bloke... but outta shape

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    Is there no where in the house that you can have the cabinet fitted ? Its nice to be able to access it easily......... then you can play. Condensation is the worst thing about loft storage.

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