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Thread: shootin` `roo`s

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    That's very Iinteresting would love to give it a go. Nice to read a unbiased report about hunting. I ate roo when I was in Perth about 10 years ago really nice meat.

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    Very interesting and as stated nice to see a pro hunting report for once , had roo meat a few times now ! Yummy !
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    Having a lot of family in Australia including some who do pest control in Adelaide, I received a phone call one evening from a relative who asked if I would be interested in coming to Australia to shoot Roos from a chopper, knowing that I shoot and also fly helicopters. It was also around the time we were considering emigrating to Australia but the in-laws decided they didn't want to move. Apparently a truck follows behind and collects the dead but not sure if this was for food or just a cull. Would have loved to have gone but alas it wasn't to be but even stranger was a invite from Virgin helicopters in Coolangatta to fly helicopters around the Northern territory cattle mustering and then tourist flights around Ayers rock when I had got familiar with the area.

    The wife suggested I went alone for a while to try it but I knew once I got out there I would be hooked and would not want to come home and she would not have left her family so the decision was easy, stay home.

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    I did it with friends in Queensland, they are quite tough if you shoot them in the body and you need to get close for a head shot. Quite fun though....!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Patrick A View Post
    I did it with friends in Queensland, they are quite tough if you shoot them in the body and you need to get close for a head shot. Quite fun though....!!
    Have never been able to find them on DVD but years ago a friend loaned me a couple of videos by an Aussie chap called Andre Georgescu (or similar). Boy could he whack those roos, he was taking head shots on animals most UK shooters would not want to take body shots on due to their distance. Remember one rifle he used was effectively an F-TR rig with a scope on it, single shot 308.

    Would love to know if those films are available on DVD - in another he was shooting foxes with a .17 (hornet?) and there were foxes hung all over the bull bar on his truck.

    Maybe the OP can advise whether the 'PC' brigade have put a stop to his videos or whether they can still be acquired on DVD?


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    Interesting and informative piece. Some big numbers there. A cull plan of 6 million shared between 1800 licensed shooters = 9 a day every day of the year. You'd think every man and his dog would have access to roo meat if that many were being processed. Even 12000 carcasses a week is fair going. I'd like a go next time I'm over.

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    Interesting that the article emphasises the shooting of male animals, yet we get told that to control numbers you need to cull the females. Anyone know why only head-shot beasts can go into the food chain?

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    Looks like that is a cached page about 5-6 years old... tried e-mailing them but no answer

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