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Thread: A group of 4 roe

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    A group of 4 roe

    I've seen a group of 4 roe from too far a distance to make them out too well. Three of them are always in front so, ok, probably mother and twins. The fourth is always hanging back and if the others cross a fence then it holds off for a little while then follows.

    I'm wondering, what is the fourth...follower from previous season?...yeld doe?...or maybe buck getting interested far too soon?.
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    You should be able to see if it has an anul tush or not, even at distance? Could be a younger Doe or even a 'cast' buck at this time of year.
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    Triplets even.

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    I've had a bunch of 4 on the cleve here at home all winter. Doe, 2 followers and a nice buck. The buck's always following up behind.

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