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Thread: Monarch Roe Sack

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    Monarch Roe Sack


    I bought one of these off Rob (Cheshire Lad on here) a couple of years ago. It's a truly excellent product and I am only selling this one so that I can buy a bigger Monarch Sika sack off Rob as I'm mostly shooting fallow now. It will however comfortably carry Roe and fallow prickets at a push.

    You can see all of the details here.

    Please note that my sack was one of the first run, so it does not have the 'sling clip' (not that I've ever found this a disadvantage). It also has three pockets on the back (imagine a slim pocket between the two main ones).

    I've had about 10 deer in the sack over the last couple of years and it's been washed out after every use. There are no faults with it (anyone who has ever seen one will know they are virtually indestructible) and I see no reason why it won't give another twenty years of good service. There are a couple of minor blood marks on the outer fabric which I will try to wash off (really nothing major though - I would happily carry my shopping down the high street in it!).

    Rob is selling these for about 101 including delivery so shall we say 65 delivered?


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    Blooming bargain, I love mine!


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    Excellent bit of kit,at a bargain price wouldn't be without mine now.

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    Thanks for the comments guys - as you say, it's an excellent product and I think the price is fair so hopefully someone will want it.

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    Love mine too and that's a bargin price.

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    PM sent to Tom Ov
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