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Thread: 9.3X62 MAUSER

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    9.3X62 MAUSER

    hi all ,

    im looking for any information i can lay my hands on about the 9.3x62 mauser .

    what i have found out is that it is along the same sort of lines as the .375 mag .

    it might sound strange but i have a bit of a thing for mausers already owning 6.5x55 SE , 7x57 on the way and with a 9.3x62 it would nicley complete the trio !

    i also plan to get it on my ticket for deer and plenty enough poke for the piggies too , so im looking for all the info i can to baffle plod with , ammunitiion is not really an issue as i load my own and im already looking for the required componants !



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    It was a very popular cartridge in Africa until Germany lost its colonies after WWI but it remained still in use until the arrival of legislation mandating a minimum calibre of 375 H & H for "dangerous game".

    There probably isn't much that could not be shot with it, with a suitable bullet, on any continent. But it is a bit "slow" in the velocity department.

    It is still very popular on the continent and still holds its own against the onslaught of "new" American calibres. As one things that the Americans can't do is cartridges of this type! Too "slow" as noted!

    If you look on other forums you'll find various recipes that I am sure. And not only for European powders but the imported American ones too.

    It is probably, like the venerable 303 (of Lee Enfield fame), one of the few European cartridges that has crossed the other way across the ocean in the last decade and is seeing somewhat of a "cult" following there!

    This because with the fall of the Iron Curtain CZ products are becoming widely seen. And unlike 7 x 64 (that competes with the better IMHO 280 Remington) 9.3 x 62 has no direct USA challenger excepting the 35 Whelen.

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    There is a lot of infor on the 9.3x62 on the Accurate Reloading Forum.

    General consensus seems to be that it is a very efficient cartridge with more than enough power to take most things including buffalo - but it is not a stopping cartridge. And it does all this with minimal recoil etc.

    And since cartirdge is 30-06 / 270 sized you can very easily rebarrel any long action rifle to this calibre.

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    The 9,3x62 enjoying some limited popularity here in the states due to th einflux of used (excellent) Husqvarna rifles in this chambering. Try this forum. Look under Swedish Rifles. There are a lot of hunting experiences related as well as reloading info. ~Muir

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    Belive it or not, but it seems to gain popularity in Poland on... roe (but not only). Drops them on the spot and causes very little meat damage - exit wound of the size of entry wound. Good for driven hunt as well, slow and can shoot through bushes - almost as with a solid slug.


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    Have a barrel for my Mauser M03. Use it in Africa for everything, including Steenbuck.

    Comfortable to shoot. Great fun walking in the bush, no sling, open sights.

    For non dangerous game I prefer it to a .375 as it's more "fun".


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    A very popular calibre in Europe but not so popular in the U.K. I think that you will find that most police forces will treat it the same as a .375 and put it in that class of calibres.

    Reloading information is readily available as are suitable powders, but bullets are horrendously expensive in the U.K. and not readily available.
    Cases can be converted from .30-06 cases but this is not generally recommended.

    I tried ordering a new 9.3x62 some months ago but two separate importers quoted a delay of six to nine months so I bough a 9.3x74r instead. Then I saw a Sauer 202 in 9.3x62 and 7x64 advertised on Guntrader. The same gun was put in the classified section of this site yesterday at an attractive price, pity I now have my 9.3 double or I would be tempted.

    The idea suggested of building a 9.3x62 on a long action Mauser certainly appeals though.

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    9.3 seems to be getting more popular. Quite a few 9.3x62 custom rifles being built in Germany. Roedale came out with a WSM necked up to 9.3 , 375H&H performance in his little short action Howa. Thing is called 9.3RSM and actually looks balanced.
    More powerfull than 9.3x62 would be the 9.3x64 Brenneke which has a larger diameter case and gives energy equal to the 375 H&H.
    I think for Europe the 9.3x62 would be plenty.
    Bullets don't seem much of a problem if one looks on e-gun. 50 speer 270gr soft points for 26 Euro don't sound too bad.


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    well gentlemen ,

    you never cease to amaze me ! i have found most of the reloading gear off midwayuk but its not going to be cheap at just over 2 quid a round bit im sure it will be worth it !

    ill slap the variation into the cop shop in the new year when i increase my ammunition allowance .

    cheers lee

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    ejg, e-gun is probably the best source of supply for most metric calibres.
    The only problem is legally expanding bullets need to be transported in this country to RFD's via a section 5 carrier.
    I know that it may be legal to post expanding bullets in Germany (don't know for certain) but as soon as they arrive in the U.K. they will be subject to U.K. law

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