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Thread: red stag stalking with ponies

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    red stag stalking with ponies

    can any one give me a help

    my mum is looking for a xmas pressie for my dad (which is struggle to get him something different )

    we do a lot of red deer stalking mostly hinds ,but as something different i suggested that we get him a day at the stags but with a pony not a quad or argo

    i have tried our usual
    glen muick argo only
    invermark sold out

    trying to get peter fraser @ invercauld's phone number anybody know it ??

    or anybody else know of estates thqat still use ponys


    steve hunter

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    The wife is a Highland Pony owner and enthusiast...she say's Atholl,Morar,Knoydart and Rum still use ponies so suggest a search for those estates. Other members here may have experience of them?.


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    steve i will make a few phone calls and get peter's number for you, and pm it over.


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    Quote Originally Posted by gadget
    steve i will make a few phone calls and get peter's number for you, and pm it over.


    thanks gadget
    i await your pm

    would be nice to get something in or around aberdeenshire
    not so far to drive


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    The 3 estates I recommend are InverMark, StrathConon and Corrour

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    Another one to try and this will make it even more special is Balmoral. They use ponies for there Hinds and not that many folk can say they were stalking there. They have a web site and they do take out folk at the hinds, dont think they do at the Stags though but you can only ask

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    Drop me a PM I have an estate of 44,000 acres that I managed for two years on the west coast that also uses ponies. It now has two keepers, but we still stalk it and I was there this past season.

    Corrour I believe also uses ponies and Alladale estate.


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    Try Glen Artney in the Comrie area they do both stags and hinds with ponies.They have alot of good stags,i stalked stags four years in a row and always got a result, you can also book two stags on the same day, so you could be out with your father.The stalking is very good and photo oppertunities are brilliant , very picturesque.
    The estate factor was a guy called Michael Aldrige(estate office 01764 681257) that you booked the stags through and the hinds were booked through the Head Stalker Alistair(i think retired now).


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