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Thread: "Semi soft points"

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    "Semi soft points"

    Been having a nosey at a few websites looking at 6.5x55 ammunition and I came across some Norma 120grn "semi soft points" are these a separate bullet type to SP's and BT? Norma's website doesn't show this bullet type.

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    I would imagine half way between spitzer and round nosed

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    Post the link you found.

    None of the Norma catalogues dating back to 1983 have any lighter loading than 139gr and 156gr .... apart from the 120gr Nosler BTip they started producing around 2000.
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    well a bullet is either soft point or is isn't....

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    Somebody is not confusing it with semi-jacketed are they, which is a term sometimes used to describe some pistol bullets?

    Woollyback you are going to have to post the link and put us all out of our misery.
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    Googled it and found some references to semi pointed soft point bullets, could be these?

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    probably referring to the vulcan which is a crimped flat nose bullet with a soft point (although no point) and core. very good bullet out to 100yds, but excels at woodlands hunting as lacks penetration, BC and energy for anything much above 50-100yds.

    same with oryx and alaska, although more traditional designs. in fact, apart from the SST and Partitions in 129-140g range, this is a common problem with ammo for 6.5x55's, also adding to the the frequent abysmal terminal performance of deer shot with the 6.5x55 that's not been handloaded.

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    Or was the OP actually talking about semi-pointed soft point bullets.

    Always confuses me that one; i.e. the difference between a "semi-pointed soft point" and a "spire point"... who knows?

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    Bullet glossary:

    SMP: semi-pointed
    Same penetration as a round nose with better trajectory, higher velocity and energy transfer, better expansion control and deeper penetration than a hollow point. At close range, usually offers better penetration and more controlled expansion. Excellent accuracy potential and often used for short- to medium-range hunting.
    SP: soft point
    Exposed lead tip and broader point diameter provides rapid, controlled expansion at somewhat lower velocities.
    SPCE: soft point cutting edge
    Semi-jacketed with cut-through jacket edge to partially lock in lead core. Deforms less in light game than heavy game. Used for clawed game hunting.
    SPCL: soft point Core-Lokt
    Locks progressively heavier jacketed mid-section to lead core, preventing separation but allowing maximum energy transfer. Stays together on impact, expands in a controlled manner and mushrooms uniformly to nearly twice the original diameter.
    SPT: spitzer
    Pointed bullet normally used in modern military rifles.

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    The quote "Norma Semi Soft Point" was actually off an email I received from an individual at Sportsman Gun Centre; judging by what been said above, it looks like user error and he has possibly mis-quoted me

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