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    Thompson Center Arms

    Can anyone point me in the direction of a UK stockist please?

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    I think, perhaps, or not, Viking Arms of Summerbridge near Harrogate.

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    I'll ask them.Thanks

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    Quote Originally Posted by perdix View Post

    I'll ask them.Thanks
    Good luck, I have asked them for a couple of calibre's over the last 3 years, I got a yes in both cases, but you get
    what they have, not the options you may want. I then asked if they could order what I wanted, yes was the answer, but
    final price will be whatever retail is when ever the items actually arrives, in one case the answer was at least 6 months.


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    That's a shame as they are a rifle that I have had an eye on for a good few years now starting when the 17 hmr was first in the spotlight.
    Having said that,since seeing the Blazer stutzen I may have raised my standards and who knows what the future may bring

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    I had a similar problem with Viking Arms. I was trying to get hold of a Prohunter Encore in 6.5x55 for over two years. I NEVER got a response on how much and when they could get it in. I noted with interest that they stopped turning out to the game fairs with any Encores, loads of Icons, Warlords etc but no Encores. The last time was the first Brit Shooting Show, when I got to handle a Prohunter in 243 (I think) loved the handling, light weight, but they had no clue regards delivery etc.
    I keep a look out for any on the various selling sites, but I've only ever seen one 17hmr, and that was a G2 contender.
    You live and learn........
    .........or you don't live long

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