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Thread: Dundee Police - Police Scotland

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    Dundee Police - Police Scotland

    In fairness, here's a good story, variation in and back in under a week. Well done to them.

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    Now I can get the new .308 and fit the fancy Leupold scope bought from a member of this excellent forum. Ibex in Kyrgyztan on the horizon. I see a rant on here about parcel delivery. It hit me too. The scope was posted with a guaranteed delivery before 1300 next day - never came, and, even worse, I cancelled a days stalking to wait in for it. The seller checked and they said the plane between Edinburgh and Perth was delayed!!!!! Good story. Poor old seller was demented but all is coming together now.

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    Excellent, goathunter1. Always like Christmas again when the postie - however late - brings goodies to unwrap!

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    I have found Tayside police in dundee to be very quick variation usually a week to ten days. Well done Tayside police

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    I have found them to be very helpful, and if you ask if they can do a quick turnaround for a specific reason, they seem to do their best

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    Yes I agree They do their best in all fairness and there has been a lot of changes and comings and goings in the admin dept

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    I agree usually but my wait for change of address etc from other forum and speaking to feo yesterday is tayside! They are having to,interview for their own job
    Not good !

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