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    Hi All,

    Amongst some of the land i shoot over (only i have permission) are 2 adjacent farms of 230 acres each,split down the middle by a road, both surrounded by woodland.
    Last spring i noticed 4 red deer stags, consisting of 1 large beautiful 12 point stag and 3 young stags (prickets) i took out 1 of the prickets as they were chewing up the crops too much, this dispersed them for a while but they returned a few weeks later and settled down again.
    They had the rut in October and reformed their little group afterwards, it was fantastic listening to them roar in the middle of the night, it echoed all down the valley.
    I decided i would take another pricket but leave the trophy animal well alone.
    So i went out yesterday, walked about 400 yards from the road and caught a whiff of dead animal, i'm sure you all know what i mean, once you smell something rotting you never forget it.
    Walked a few yards further and there lay my beautiful stag, shot through the back with just its head removed,crawling with maggots, shot just for the antlers, they couldn't even be bothered to remove the evidence by dragging it away.
    It was alive 10 days ago, i left a warning note to the poachers and informed the police but in the end it will down to me to catch them, and to be honest if i laid a hand on them its me who would get into trouble with the police and lose my guns, and more than likely me who would end up in hospital anyway!
    So now i take my camera with me every time, when I do find out who it was i will update you but don't hold your breath!
    The worrying thing is these toe rags have passed all the checks done by the police and are running around the countryside with a high powered rifle,unless of course they are not licensed.
    I have heard that a farm manager blocked a couple of poachers in using his vehicle near Crediton, but before the police got there he got a pasting for his trouble.
    Happy xmas!

    Cheers for now


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    Sad story, I was speeking to a local farmer at the weekend about poachers in my area. he told me a few years ago him and his mate caught some poachers and threatend them and he is a big old farmer. tho poachers went on there way but the next night the barn full of straw and hay went on fire. You have to be carefull and remember these people are the lowest of the low and dont think the same way you do because they have a lot less to loose than you.


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    i remember a friend of mine who had poachers on his bit so he and his mate lay in wait for them.when the poachers had gone to get the deer they shot over 10 rounds into their car and then went into the night.
    when they went back the next day they found 4 deer just laying there and no sign of the car.since then he says he has never had any problem.
    now im not saying this is the right way of doing things and its far to irresponsible for the likes of us and would not dream of doing a stunt like that,but as we all know when we report matters of poaching to the police nothing gets done and all you get from them is we will send someone round to check it out.
    camera is part of any kit i take now just in case but its about time the police started taking things more seriously with poachers as they do when someone see you with a rifle and calls it in,the next thing you know helicopters armed police the lot so why cant they do that with these scum?

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    Mental note.

    If I ever go poaching....dont wait in the car whilst the lads go picking up!!

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    I have heard that a farm manager blocked a couple of poachers in using his vehicle near Crediton, but before the police got there he got a pasting for his trouble.

    How many days had he been waiting for the police?.............

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    We hav given up completely now, some pikeys were nicking cables from an old sub station leaving a live HV feed we called the police they turned up over 2 hours later the toe rags had gone after a big confrontation when they saw us taking photos of their truck.
    Land owner UK Coal weren't bothered as it was not worth their while rather just let us have the hassle, cops weren't bothered as the land owner wasn't bothered.
    Told land owner and cops that they are always round with dogs and a rimfire at night, my friend the farmer also stopped and told them how he had been shot over while looking for a stranded cow at night.
    Little or no interest, bottom line if they can't give out a speeding or parking ticket not worth their while

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    They prefer to spend their time & efforts on people like us, as they don't have to search for us , we are extremely unlikely to offer them violence when they come into contact with us, & therefore a very productive source of compliant soft bodied targets.

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    I think he might be back!
    I was out with a client last week and we had just got back to the car after waiting for the deer to come out for 2 hours, we didn't see anything, this struck me as very, very unusual for the vantage point we used, but pheasants kept being disturbed in the neighbouring wood.
    Whilst we were putting the guns away there was a shot, now obviously i realise there are other stalkers on the adjacent farm, but from where this shot came it was obvious he would have had to shoot from his very dense (and dark at the best of times) wood across a gully onto my open farm land, there were no lights evident (night vision maybe) but there was a slight glimmer of light left.
    My client was very keen to look for him but i just couldn't take the risk for his own safety.
    I doubt very much he could have identified what he was shooting at, let alone what/who else was around.

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    Hi Richard
    Let me know if I can do anything to help- I believe you have my number. If not PM and I'll give it you again. All the best, Tom

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    As above, if you need an extra pair of eyes etc drop me a message, I'm 25 mins up the road.
    Best Regards,

    Jedward. The reason why there are two barrels on a shotgun.

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