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Thread: By way of introduction

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    By way of introduction


    As is pretty obvious, this is a quick introduction to myself.

    I've been shooting since I was a lad following the usual path of of air rifles and .410. with a bit of shotgun, rifle and pistol (when it was still allowed). Sometimes I have even hit the target!

    Work, wife and family led to a decline in opportunity and time - something I guess others will be familiar with - and it was only a few years ago that returned to shooting as a good way of having quality Dad and Lad time.

    We have been shooting mostly 12g clays, but for the past year or so have been getting into target rifle etc. I've shot game here in the UK and overseas in the past and will likely be doing it again in the future. We have also been doing some Practical Shotgun, which has certainly been an experience.

    Why Eggchaser you may well ask? My other love is Rugby, but I am now too old to play and even coaching makes the joints ache!

    Thats all for now



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    welcome to the site from another old git

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    Quote Originally Posted by bartrums View Post
    welcome to the site from another old git
    Thanks ... How did you know my 'other' nickname

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    Welcome to the site,

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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