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Thread: Lardering and Carcass Storage.

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    Lardering and Carcass Storage.

    Lardering and Carcass Storage.

    I have read so much of carcass preparation and storage but never found the affordable solution. I have a hanging larder but a couple of days is my maximum duration due to typical weather conditions. I seem to get deer either in a hot spell or when the carcass is in danger of freezing on the gimbals. I was discussing the matter with my stalking partner who said it is not rocket science to supply a purpose built fridge unit. He specializes in refrigeration. The sides could clip together, the fridge unit would be self contained to bolt onto one of the walls. Three hours start to finish should be all that is required for assembly, Plug into the mains and you have an ideal situation. I know that sounds rather simplistic but these units would be designed to be portable. Due to these being transported flat packed they would be ideal for cull work. Now the question is would anyone be interested? What design features would you like incorporated? It is simple to vary the sizes to suit need. Would you require delivery and assembly or could you take delivery from Pallet line for self assembly? This post is a bit of market research really. If there is sufficient interest I will get facts and prices sorted out. I believe soon the refrigeration of carcasses will not be an option for small and large game, best practice guides recommend 4C for small game and 7C for large, entering the food chain. That is the direction these things are heading. DMG's will have to have a central refrigerated storage point. If this goes ahead they will be advertised on SD and admin will get his fee plus a donation per unit sold.


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    you could have found a niche market, at the moment it all seems to vary between second hand drinks chillers, converted freezers or fridges or the very expensive custom built jobbies. An affordable, well though out, and portable item could do very well. Makes my old Spa shop drinks chiller look silly


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    I would be very interested in costs for this. I need one ASAP.

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    Jim, my only advice on this subject is to be careful that you don't cut too many corners in search of a low cost solution. You could probably say the same for most types of equipment, but nearly everything works best in the middle of its range so if you go for minimum size, minimum wall thickness, minimum chiller output etc then you inevitably end up with something that is going to be capable of minimum productivity. I'm not knocking your idea by any means as I could use a small, low capacity unit myself for summer use so that my main chiller could be shut down. Another thing that people often overlook with chillers is ease of cleaning, this is important. Keep us posted. JC

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    Sadly your idea is not new mate. This company do exactly what you are describing:
    However, as you said, they don't come cheap. The chiller itself is over 1000. Why not try and copy it as a one-off for yourself? Aircon/chiller units are readily available. All you need then is an insulated box with hanging rail and washable surfaces. However, unless you are getting loads of deer or very large ones you may as well just get a big commercial style fridge! I use a tall double doored 'Foster' which I have placed a 40mm stainless tube through the top. It currently is holding 3 Fallow and a Muntjac on just one side with ease! The other side is still fitted with shelving which can be removed if I get really busy.
    The problem with most chillers is normally their lack of height.
    Also, a tall chiller which can hold a large lowland red is a great bonus. Right up to the point where you realise that you can't physically pick the thing up to hang it inside a confined space with a roof on it!!

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    I would have thought something should be achieveable in the 500 - 750 bracket.

    Basically three walls and a roof that come flat pack and can be assembled and bolted to an internal wall in a garage or outbuilding. Fix the refrigeration unit into a pre-cut opening in one wall. Some sort of prefab'ed insulation sheets could be used at minimal expense.

    Big enough to hang 6 roe or 4 Fallow or Sika would be plenty for most of us - half of that would do me.

    I feel a Heath-Robinson project coming on...

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    I like this idea.

    I do like the the CoolGame modular chillers but when you look at the prices for what is a very crude form of insulation with a chiller bolted onto it, 3 grand for one of those is way out of most peoples budgets.

    I see it this way;

    All you need is insulation foam board from B&Q
    Parlour Board (Plastic white upvc boards)

    fix these together to create your 4 walls.
    create another door type board. Cut a doorway less than the size of the door sized board and fit.

    Create another for the roof. Add supports at all corners and mid sections.

    find a cheap chiller and fit. So long as the INTERNAL temp of the carcass doesn't rise above 7 degrees then your chiller is fine.

    With the exception of the chiller unit you could do this for less than 200.

    It's the chiller that hits the wallet.

    Anyhow you can count me in on this idea.

    my 2pc


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    Colin, I suggest you check your pricing. If you can get jablite and plastic board for that sort of money send me your suppliers details I build sheds for a living. However you are always going to save in this type of project as long as it is done safely. Dieseldan you have a pm. Tomorrow hopefully I will have a price. Initially we are talking 2mx2m and 4x4m. Readily available we can supply at 1830mm (6ft) however we are looking for a way to increase the height for reds. Prices are not in the same ballpark as the coolgame ones but will be of similar quality and supplied by a refrigeration specialist.

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    ...My prices were gestimates...or a builders quote!!LOL.

    Anyhow I am still interested in you idea.


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    _Don't be fooled by the thickness of any insulation Coolgame or otherwise. It has to match up to strict environmental regulations. Any chiller supplied must satisfy a very high standard. The older larders' chiller units have to upgraded before the end of the year or be operated illegally. The larders we are proposing will be legit and satisfy all current standards. There would be nothing to fear from an EHO visit. The thing about self builds and my own is one it would not stack up, Jim

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