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Thread: Nissan X-Trail AT tyres

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    Nissan X-Trail AT tyres

    As some may be aware it was almost impossible to get any sort of AT type tyre for an X-Trail running the standard 17 inch wheels.

    The more recent X-Trails on 17 inch wheels have been fitted with either 215 or 225 width tyres, the 225 width tyres will fit cars that came from the factory with 215 width tyres and, in fact, 225 is now the standard from the fectory.

    Now that it is time for me to change tyres again I've noticed that there has been a considerable increase in the selection of AT tyres available to X-Trail owners. I currently have 225/60 Yokohama Geolander AT/S tyres on mine and have a new set on the way but I've noticed that General Grabber ATs, Falken AT01s and a few others, depending on what it takes your fancy to search for, are now readily available in the UK.

    I know that there are quite a few on here who use the X-Trail and the only really big negative, for me anyhow, was the tyre situation but it would appear that this has now been resolved.

    If you are running your X-Trail on the standard fit Dunlops or other road tyre it is worth considering fitting an AT type tyre - the Yokohamas that I've been running for that last 2 years have no disadvantages over the Dunlops that I can see apart from a slight decrease in MPG but they perform much better off road and in the snow. I'd say the Yokos are at the "softer" end of the AT tyre range and if you go to a more serious AT pattern then you might experience some decrease in on road performance but it is well worth giving the matter some consideration.
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    fitted a set of general grabber AT's last month. They are a bit noisy compared to the summer tyres that were on but the grip on and off road seems fine. I went for these as I had them on my navara and had no complaints but I've not tried any other AT's to compare with. Got them from pneus tyres online, fast deliver and a good price.

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    I haven't tried the General Grabber ATs as yet tbone and so will be interested in what you think of them over time - I went for the Yokos again as my current ones are still road legal and so when I take them off I will keep 2 of them as spares in case I get a puncture that can't be fixed. However, the General Grabber AT2s got a great name though as I understand it they are having to stop making them, hence the AT, due to some EU noise restriction or something.

    I didn't notice any increase in noise with the Yokos over the Dunlop Grandtreks that were fitted as standard and although some people said that the Yokos got very noisy with age I haven't noticed that either. They have about 25,000 - 30,000 on them and are down to the AT wear indicator which I think is at about 4mm so I will get them changed in the next while now that the replacements have arrived.
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