Costs for heads:

what is the general consensus on pricing for cull heads.

Medal and representable heads, obviously there is a cost due to management policies to produce and maintain good beasts for breeding and lines of good beasts

Cull bucks, Stags, Roe, muntjac or young and or very old heads, most of which are not the best there is, but the beast is removed due to deer condition, planned cull numbers.

Anyone have any ideas on the reasoning behind charges for cull heads and or a reasonable cost for the head.

I don't remove my best Roebucks for instance, they are the future, as far as I am concerned stay put until they are going back or condition or health declines then removed and the new ones come through to replace.

All other excess males (cull beasts) are removed to plan

Any ideas on the reason for charging for cull beasts over and above the normal stalk fee, it's not as though they gave been nurtured as they are a natural harvest subject to maintenance.

i have never charged for any head, as they are always cull beasts, any thoughts ?