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Thread: New DSC 3 Proposed Gralloch Procedure!

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    Cool New DSC 3 Proposed Gralloch Procedure!

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	article-0-021ACB560000044D-571_468x679.jpg 
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ID:	36870Hot off the press,the new hygenic Gralloch procedure for all candidate s for the proposed DSC 3 qualification!

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    Were do I sigh upi

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    that sucks!

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    If its inside an enclosed area I ain't doing it, its not right

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    Joking aside when will the dmq3 come in ? I for one feel its only a matter of time. Level one ya get a bronze badge level two a silver one so where's the gold one ???? lol I thinks someone somewhere is ahead of the game !!!!!
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    Interesting , they skin it first & take the tail off ....

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    "they skin it first & take the tail off"...not only that, but they appear to be sucking the guts out!

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