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Thread: Driven hunt scope

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    Driven hunt scope

    What would you guys recommend as a scope for driven game? Can I use my normal 3-10x50 leupold?

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    Not the best for driven really.
    You could get away using it cranked down to 3 mag but because it is a full size scope the scope will be high on the rifle and needs to be zeroed at about 80 yards, or there abouts.
    If it is a 'one of' trip I'd suggest you make do, but if the chance of any more trips on driven game come up then it would pay you to get a 'dedicated driven' scope of 1-5 x 24 or similar and don't forget to get an illuminated reticule.

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    set it on 3 and try it (see how quick you can grab on to some 30-50 meter targets)... If you shoot with both eyes open, it should be OK. I had never even heard of or tried the both eyes open until this past year.. After reading on here about folks shooting rifles that way, I went home and tried it... Unbelieveable..... Just because it's a drive hunt doesn't mean that the game will constantly be running all out and just because it's a drive hunt, it isn't an excuse for an unethical (gut?) shot. With that in your heart/mind, your scope should be OK.... Lower mag would be better, but is it worth the extra bucks to you? Have fun and good luck on the hunt.

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    3x power used to be the legal maximum for Poland. If you had a variable then the adjuster ring had to be fixed at 3x with masking tape or electrical tape. At ranges of twenty-five yards 3x actually gives quite a wide field of vision.

    I am guessing that your rifle does not have iron sights fitted? That may be a cheaper option than purchasing a new 'scope specifically for a one off driven shoot.

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    +1 Express irons.


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    was thinking why can't you use an aim point red dot like the hunter 34L The cost mmm 600 less then a scope ... mind I am no Expert ,

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    Quote Originally Posted by 49ERIC View Post
    was thinking why can't you use an aim point red dot like the hunter 34L The cost mmm 600 less then a scope ... mind I am no Expert ,
    Some folks (me for example) can't seem to get the hang of them... Also had plenty of folks tell me that they are only good to about 80 meters. Same ones that insist you need a scope on every rifle cause iron sights just won't work... so you decide if it's true... I think that if you can see the target, you can put the dot on it and hit it but just haven't tried.....I like just iron sights but eyesight (lack of) dictated a scope.

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    try find an old aimpoint the 50mm bean can or the 30 mm tube would be fine .

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