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    Stalking with robin

    Yesterday I had an invitation to stalk with Robin from this site, we arranged to meet in Hastings at 11am and headed west towards his ground, on arrival the first job was to reinstate a Doe box which had blown over in the recent gales, once we got it upright we drove two stakes into the ground and attached straining wires tightened using bottle screws to secure it in place, after lunch Robin took me to a highseat once I was settled he gave me a radio and left to walk to another seat. I made myself comfortable and looked around at the area I was to shoot over, to my left was woodland and in front a field of mustard, a cold wind was blowing from the direction of the wood, I sat for about an hour glassing the area but saw nothing, then a fox walked out of the wood and I watched it for a while before it vanished behind me, the light was fading when Robin came on the radio to say a Roe doe and follower was heading towards me and he would rather I did not shoot them, I watched them for about ten minutes and as the light had almost gone I decided to call it a day. I unloaded climbed down from the seat looked to my left and a fallow pricket walked out of the woods at about 120 yards away, I fumbled in my pocket for the magazine loaded the rifle got the sticks up and waited, first the animal was head on then it faced the other way but eventually it turned sideways so I took aim fired and down it went, I would like to thank Robin for a super day he really is a fountain of knowledge on all deer related matters and if you get the chance to stalk with him do take it.

    Chees Les

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    Thank you Les for the mention and the help with the doe box, that's the one Malc shot his large Fallow Buck from.
    The Roe had been out in front of me for about an hour munching their way through the mustard towards me. It's amazing how they don't take any real notice of humans if you move slowly, sitting in the seat I needed to look over the brow of the field to see if any fallow had come out so I slowly stood up in the seat the deer watched and carried on eating, so for a laugh I got out a banana from my pocket while standing in the high seat and ate it in full view of the deer, they just watched and then carried on eating.As the light went I got down from the seat and only then did they move along the field towards Les.As I don't want any more doe's shot I radioed Les to advise him they would be walking passed and not to shoot.
    Thanks again for the company Les it was a good afternoon to be out and about.


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    Robin, eating a banana! You little monkey

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    Hi Les pleased to hear that you had a good day with Robin, we were on the ground last week and the deer stayed in the woods till after dark, we drove around the headlands on the quad with a spotlight on and was surprised how many deer were about, we counted fourteen in one field with two very nice bucks amongst them,

    ATB Geoff
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