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Thread: A Great Days Stalking Thanks To Wayne & Andy

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    A Great Days Stalking Thanks To Wayne & Andy

    We set off around 5.45 sunday morning from Waynes house to arrive on site just before it was getting light,we gave it 5-10 mins & started to get kitted up & set off.We were only walking for what seemed like a few mins when we saw 2 fallow on the skyline,we watched for about 5 mins until the 1 barked & they ran into cover.We then moved along the edge of the wood to see 2 more in front of us just tucked in the edge,they were just behind a high seat in cover so not showing a clear shot,as we stalked closer they went into the wood.We then carried on until we saw a small heard on the next fence line,there was a mature doe with them walking along the fence so we quietly got to about 120 mts away & the doe started to get a bit jumpy probably wondreing why the other 2 went in the wood,I wasnt happy with a shot off the sticks & seconds later they ran.We carried on to the next field thinking they would be out in the open,they were'nt they were just tucked in the corner,they spotted us & ran again.Luck wasnt on our side but I was enjoying every minute of it.We hoped we had bumped them on towards Andy & Stuart(Ezzy 6.5),we carried on to see them in the dip of the field,the rear 2 were around 200 mts away & even off the bipod as a novice I wasnt confident enough to take the shot,I guess confidence will grow with experience.We waited a little longer & heard a shot fired,sounded like stu was in with his first.
    We then met up with Andy & Stuart & Andy said there was around 21 fallow 2 fields away down a steep bank,so me & Wayne got tucked into a hedge & Andy dropped Stu off on the way down the bank,Now the plan was that we were to sit tight & hope Andy pushes the deer towards us,did it go to plan ??No,but as we lay on the cold damp floor we couldnt help but pi** ourselves laughing at Andy running up & down a hedge row turning the deer in every direction but ours (sorry Andy),we then regrouped & headed off for a well earned breakie,sorry brunch .
    In the afternoon Stu went with Wayne & I went with Andy,the plan was to stalk up to a high seat & sit up & wait, me & Andy stalked around quite a large wood to the top of a hill to find a heard of fallow waiting,again they were on the skyline,but made a break to the opposite side,we followed quietly & tried to get to the high seat that was there,they ran further into the wood,so we got closer to the seat,just as we got near 2 does came out of the wood about 250 mts in front of us by this time we had got to the base of the seat,we watched for about 5 mins before I quitly climbed into position followed by Andy,we sat tight hoping they would get nearer,they moved towards us for about 30 mts then went back into the wood.We were starting to loose light when we heard a shot sounded like Stu had his 2nd.About 10 mins passed when out of the wood came a mature doe about 145 mts in front of us,I got the rifle in the aim & everything was perfect good distance,good backstop,& a good broadside position,I took the safty off & waited for her to come out a bit further & stop, BANG,yes I thought everything felt right,she ran back in the wood & Andy said it was a good strike & I saw her stagger before she went in,we waited for about 5-10 mins & made our way to where she went in & about 5 mts just inside the wood we found her,what a relief I thought & a great way to end the day .
    I enjoyed every minute of the day & would just like to thank Wayne & Andy & not forgetting max for making it possible & well done Stu for your 3 deer it was good to meet you 8)


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    Great write up! It's good you did not take the shots when not confident.



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    Sounds like you had a cracking day;the same as terry and myself when we stalked with Wayne and Andy a few weeks back.Top guys the both of them.

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    Well done wint..

    Youll struggle to have a better day with more knowledgeable stalkers..

    But guaranteed theyd be prettier


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    Nice one Andy.


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    Hi Andy
    Glad you enjoyed it, as with Dave and Terry you guys were a pleasure to take, although Max was most disappointed none of you needed his services but I was happy we didn't
    Cheers for you good company and straight shooting.


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    Pheasant sniper said

    Well done wint..

    Youll struggle to have a better day with more knowledgeable stalkers..

    But guaranteed theyd be prettier


    Don't worry mate revenge will be sweet but to fair if your comparing us to Jo we ain't got a hope have we.

    On that subject how did your latest outing go???did you get your pickup there and back without any little accidents this time???

    Cheers mate

    Atb Wayne

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    A,up Wayne

    Had a great time fella..

    Ive had a couple of outings with Jo and shes a top stalker and great fun..

    As for the truck

    Took a lot of buffing.. a whole lotta buffin


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    Quote Originally Posted by pheasant sniper 1
    Well done wint..

    Youll struggle to have a better day with more knowledgeable stalkers..

    But guaranteed theyd be prettier

    Your right there Terry,both top blokes they couldnt do enough for you

    They didnt look to bad with the face veil on (sorry lads)

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