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Thread: Scottish Police Force - Glasgow

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    Scottish Police Force - Glasgow

    Just like to say i had a quick turn around of two weeks for my variation, although a week of that was a delay due to me not including the cheque!!!

    Making Scotland into one police force seems to have help with the speed of all things firearms related
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    i agree, i went in and the lassie did my 1 for 1 variation then and there

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    It's early days yet Boab but yes that's good...encouraging.
    "Don't say I didnae warn ye !"

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    great service less than a week, very professional

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    6 Weeks and counting for a change of address for me.
    And now they are questioning one of my calibres even though I have a rifle in said calibre

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    4 days for mine. Great service.


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    I had the same with Fife, quality service.

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    Almost five weeks and counting for my 1-4-1 from Edinburgh, so much inconsistency between areas.
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    Possibly due to the fact that your two largest licensing area's, Aberdeen and Inverness, have the least staff, work that one out if you can.

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