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Thread: New Rifle - SD can be an expensive habit

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    New Rifle - SD can be an expensive habit

    Apologies but I had to share this one, just too excited by what I have done.

    Having just received my variation for 30-06 at the beginning, I decided to treat myself to a shiny new Sako 85 Stainless Synthetic to sit underneath the very lovely Zeiss 3-12x56 HT bought on SD from Marksika270 (and delivered in perfect condition with minimal fuss). FA Andersons in East Grinstead were able to get me one within 24 hours which was a very pleasant surprise The obvious remaining decision was regarding the best moderator. Rather than starting yet another thread on the same subject I spent a while searching older threads and eventually stumbled on the excellent review posted by csl in June of last year regarding Lawrence Precision's titanium moderators. Digging deeper into the web and then speaking to Simon Lawrence a few times has caused me to part with yet more of my hard earned cash for a custom built Nexus with additional baffles to bring the noise attenuation to almost the same level as their bigger and heavier Zodiac. The rifle is on its way up to Nottingham now, and should be with me by the end of next week.

    I can't quite believe how much I have gone over my initial budget since deciding on requesting the variation a few weeks ago, but I am positively salivating in anticipation of receiving the new kit.

    I might be putting child up for sale soon, not sure which classified section to use! I am afraid that SD has cost me an obscene amount of money.


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    Sounds like a lovely rifle ! .

    joined sd a one gun man , now I have 7 , how did that happen ?

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