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Thread: Styer Pro Mountain...a few questions

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    Styer Pro Mountain...a few questions

    Hi All

    I went and got overexcited when I was rifle shopping a few years ago and brought a Styer Pro mountain .308, Zeiss Durlyat, T8, Lupold rings and bases. the results I have got with it are variable to say the least and I don't think its me... but bad workman blames his tools and all that, that aside any help would be much appreciated, I'm not using it at the moment as I cant be doing with wounding things,(hasn't happened yet) seriously considering chopping it in for a Remmy 700, had a second hand one a few years ago now wishing I'd never sold it:

    First thing, did I make a mistake going for the short barrel? - its a handy size and is nice to lug about on the hill, but will it affect accuracy at 200 yards+? Secondly what ammunition are people putting through pro hunters and pro mountains and achieving consistent results? Finally I've attached a pretty ropey pic of the forend, the gap down the side of the stock to the right of the barrel is 3-4mm and the stock is touching the barrel on the left side, not just at the forend but all the way down to the action- I'm aware of the styer stock been a bit flexible but surely not to this extent, and yes I've tried bending it back, gently, but it still ends up back as described.

    Any Ideas?
    Thanks Charlie Click image for larger version. 

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    Had a steyr in 308 and it was very accurate with any 150gr bullet. Shot well with SST's in front of N140. they are designed to be free floating so if the barrel is touching it will throw it off. Before throwing the baby out with the bath water I would get someone to look at the barrel seating and see if it is salvageable.


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    Cheers Big Ears, Ill see if i can find someone up here to have a look for me.

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    When I had my Pro-Hunter I loosened off the action screws, tried to centre the barrel/action in the stock and tightened the action screws up again. You could try this and then check your zero? Eventually I traded my Pro-Hunter back in for a pittance.

    However, nowadays there are after market stocks available, and Joe would be a good man to talk to - Joe West Riflestocks - Latest News



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    As JCS has said slacken off the stock screw centre the barrel and re tighten I had the same problem once after removing the stock for a deep clean and I didn't realise until I went back down the range to check zero.

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    im more than likley going to get shot down for this but ive had this problem before on two of my previous rifles and this nemedy has worked twice for me and once for a friend on his rifle, what i did was take of the stock and place a small peice of rubber under the recoil lug which lifted the barrel clear of the stock and kept it free floating i know its not exactly the work of a top notch rifle smith but it worked each time and the rifles all stayed accurate i.e. sub one inch at 100 yards give it a try that is as long as youve tryed a few differnt types of ammo through it first

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    Remove the absorber pad from the forend, prohunter is designed as an "off hand" rifle. Changing contact force between absorber pad and barrel will alter poi, especially if shot from bipod.

    to locate it see exploded view of rifle, parts diagram.

    you can add resin to for-end to stiffen also, and you will need to learn how to hold it the same every shot.

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    At last some Sencible suggestions instead of the usual steyr slating !
    I have two pro mnt in 6.5 and 308 both Norma ammo and in the 308 I use 150 gr blastic tips .i did have a 243 pro mnt and I never did get that shooting 100 gr ammo well with that short barrel .
    joe west won't make the stocks untill we can get at least ten persons wanting one so they can get a production run I personally would like to try a joe west stock .

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    I have the pro hunter mountain in 6.5x55 and a normal pro hunter stainless in .243. The 6.5 I brought new the other 2nd hand. The 6.5 used to group well on range with or without bipod but would start throwing rouge shots out of an inch group as it got warm. Mine also had the uneven gap and I put this down to the stock. I have had a custom stock on mine now and it will almost put three in the same hole at 100m. It was also bedded as well.

    I aim to do the same with the 243 this year as it seems to behave the same. I use RWS ammo in both.

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    I had a .308 Pro Hunter for years..

    Really accurate, and a great rifle for the money.

    123g Sako Soft Points gave the most consistent groupings and put some big reds on the floor.

    Imo a great rifle that in the right hands will give consistent results.
    Blessed be the sheeple for they shall inherit bugger all...

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