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Thread: Where to buy trophy shields?

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    Where to buy trophy shields?

    After my last Bushwear experience I swore I'd never use them again, but now I find myself needing a shield and not knowing where to look. Any ideas?


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    Try I've bought from them and Attleborough and been impressed with the rapid service from both.

    I too have been unimpressed with Bushwear and probably wouldn't bother with them again. They advertised products incorrectly and didn't respond to my emails.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Iwrch
    second that !!! bloody good value

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    Stalkers UK have hardwood shields not MDF or veneer a little more expensive but worth it for your best or click on the ad at the top of the page

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    try ebay their's everything on there

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    I've used Jaegersport - no issues at all with them.

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    We are lucky

    Even though we are a fairly minority group of people we stalkers have boundless access to equipment, usually with a wide choice of quality and price.

    The smartest gunshop I have visited is Frankonia, they are all over Germany and are very smart inside - a bit like Harrods with wellies -
    Cabelas is so highly rated too.

    But in the UK we are lucky to have dedicated suppliers of everything we could really need and if I cannot find it at Swillington, Attleboro or Bushwear I'm not sure I need it !!


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