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Thread: For 27K, this .338 Lapua puppy could be yours!

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    For 27K, this .338 Lapua puppy could be yours!

    .....and you too could "rock and role" and be a "maestro." Its "unbelievable!" and don't forget to bring your I-pad and high-five after the kill!

    Its just "A rumble in the jungle!"

    Maybe I am just jealous I can't afford one.

    PS: I can't see how it automatically adjusts for windage; On those hot Afican Savannas, you get different wind variations and strengths at different yardages, making a miss likely.

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    I must have been a naughty boy last year, I asked Santa for this but I got a bottle of rum & box of chocolates instead

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    Guess we'll never know (and they surely didn't care) how many gutshot and injured runoffs it took to make this video. Video would have been better named extreme distance sniping because it doesn't display much hunting..... However.... the gun and setup does look like a neat toy to have.....

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    When you watch the vid a lot of them don't look like a good, shot ok the distance is unbelievable but whats the point there is no skill involved in this kind of shooting total waste of money
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    Well I guess this is primarily intended for military applications and at 27k not many individuals will be queuing up to buy one.

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    i'd like to see him drag that up the hill then set up and flatten 7 or 8 hinds in one go then drag it and the beasts down again!
    Right where's those stones , I'll start !

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    I am not a fan of shooting big animals at anything more than typical foxing distances, but it does look like a very nice toy.

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    1) Speaking as admin, if this thread degenerates I'll remove the whole thing. I'm not going to waste time trying to sanitise it by removing offensive remarks here there and everywhere (I've already removed one!). Let's face it, the long range 'hunting' argument has been played over enough times... this one won't be missed.

    2) Speaking as me personally, I agree with the above. Great technology/equipment, but why risk wounding live animals to show it off? Instead of a 600 yard shot which ended up (to my eyes) too far back why not get in closer and use the technology to guarantee a 100% heart shot? I would have preferred to see 250 yard shots all perfect than 700 yard shots all around the kill zone.

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    The only skill I could see there was being able to earn enough to afford a 27k set up.

    This shows the sights capabilities , does "Cant" mean can`t miss ?

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    There's always something a bit hollow when you kill a game animal without giving it a fair chance though

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