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Thread: More questions about the Steyr Scout .308WIN

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    More questions about the Steyr Scout .308WIN

    Why is nothing ever easy? Please may I ask for more advise re. the Steyr Scout:

    1. The Steyr Scout is available in a 'standard' version and a 'sport' version, the Sport has a stainless steel barrel, and costs 277 more. However, I have now been told the 'Sport' barrel is put on by the UK importer S&G Center and is not necessarily of the same high quality as the original Steyr barrel. True or false?

    2. The pictures of the Steyr Scout SPORT on the S&G Center clearly shows an adjustable cheek piece and adjustable butt. However these extra's are not listed under the specification, the photo has a note that is a 'generic product image'. The weight of the rifle, in both cases, is quoted as 3Kg.
    The pictures of the standard Steyr Scout do not show the adjustable cheek piece/butt.

    If anybody can clarify this I would be most grateful. Thank you
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    Well after many calls and emails I can now answer most of my own questions

    1. S&G Center insist that the Stainless Steel barrel on the Steyr Scout Sport is a Steyr made and Steyr fitted barrel.
    2. The 'Sport' comes with the adjustable butt plate/cheek piece as standard
    3. The Stainless steel barrel is fitted with a muzzle break and is not factory threaded for moderators.

    So anyone considering purchasing the Steyr Scout Sport and fitting it with a moderator has to factor in the additional costs of barrel cutting, re-crowning and threading, as well as the cost of the moderator of course. This is now becoming a 'semi-custom' rifle project...
    • Do not be seduced by the marketing-men....

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