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Thread: Working Lurcher

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    Working Lurcher

    For a nominal fee (minimal) if any at all.

    4yr old working Saluki /Collie x lurcher. smooth coated and approx. 24" or so

    Hard working dog that does anything asked of it. Brilliant nature, great with kids etc

    This dog has not seen any work this season due to work commitments and it's a waste. I have agreed to try and rehome him so here he is

    Any details can be provided on request.

    This dog has to be rehomed in the next 4 days or I will take him to a rescue. The decision has been made to rehome him, so I want it done asap so as not to drag it out for his owner who is gutted that it has to be done.

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    Dog is now in my kennel and will be free to the correct home.

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    Got any pics pal ?

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    Sorry, , at work and forgot to update.

    Dog is now with a young underkeeper so is now rehomed. Thanks

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    good to see it still in the working community well done that man
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