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Thread: Heavy Discounted Hinds & Roe Does Due To Tree Damage

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    Heavy Discounted Hinds & Roe Does Due To Tree Damage

    Hi guys,

    I just got a call from Griff this mng, and it seems that we have a couple of spots getting hit by the roe and red hinds.

    I'm looking to put some teams out through Feb to get some females of both species, (mainly Roe), in order to reduce numbers a bit more.

    I'm looking at 2-4 people at 100/day +VAT to include two outings. No trophy fees or shot fees will be charged.

    You will be given a beat and put out for each outing, and you will keep in contact with Griff to meet at the end of the outing at a pre arranged location. He is also available to guide if you have less experience.

    Griff will post more info here about how he wants to run the days, but if you are interested in joining us in Feb, then email me at

    Some help will be available for extraction with a quad for the reds, and most areas for the Roe can be managed by dragging to a nearby track or road.

    I will also extend the same deal on an accompanied basis for two people to get up on the hill and shoot some goats. No trophy fees on the cull stuff, but 250 +VAT on the big billies


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    Quote Originally Posted by Johno100 View Post
    Hiya Johno,

    My bad!!

    It is on the Garroch and Earlstoun Estates in D&G. We usually stay at the Clachen or the Ken Bridge Hotel.


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    I think I have responded to all mails and PM's . Thanks for the calls.

    We can also offer this from now so just to clarify we do not need to be in Feb to do this discounted rate.

    I am shooting in Portugal from tomorrow until Thursday so the best way to contact me is either by Mobile or PM here.


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    Hi Guys,

    Thanks for all the Enquiries. We have had several singles looking to team up with another stalker for both weekends and week day stalking, so if you have dates that work for you and you want to find one or two guys to join you, just put up your dates on the thread and we will see if they are available and anyone can join in.

    Although it is outside of the scope of this thread, AW stalks can also be arranged with Griff on the ground.


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    i would imagine its 100 +vat per person (for 2 outings) and if you want the meat you pay them the current game dealer rate ????

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    Pm sent
    If its hit its history / If its missed its a mystery

    A gun is always loaded .A mule always kicks

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    Not sure on the stalking thats on offer. But i am sat in the clachan at this very moment and its spot on
    If there is as many deer on our patch we are in for a great weekend we wont be paying any trophy fees either.

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    pm sent.thanks stuart.

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