A while back there was some discussion of sika and shooting them from static positions and I was mentioning that sometimes I have areas of ground that look like deer motorways but where you would sit for a very, very long time to get a shot especially at this time of year. I think the areas get a lot of use in summer and my deer density is low and the population can be transient. I was also pointing out that this is the first year I've seen the sika in groups.

Anyhow, over the last month my trail camera has been out overlooking an area of ground that looks like it has thousands of deer on it, in the sense that there are lots of very well worn tracks, and I set it in timelapse mode - so it will trigger if it detects movement but it also takes a burst of 3 photos every 5 minutes for (approx) one hour before sunrise until one hour after sunset. The still photos are then cut together at 30 frames per second to make a video. I thought that some people might be entertained as this is almost a month worth of deer movement, in what looks like a deer motorway, compressed into just over 4 minutes and also contains the first images I've got of a "big" group of deer, I suspect the "big" group is a group of calves.

Photobucket has compressed it a lot leading to very blocky video, and cut some time off the end of it for some strange reason probably related to file size or something, but try and view it full screen for the full effect: