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Thread: Starlight Arrow NV Demo Footage - Entry level 399.99 unit

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    Starlight Arrow NV Demo Footage - Entry level 399.99 unit


    We have been asked for some sample footage from the Starlight Arrow.

    This is from the first production entry level unit 399 with a 200yard detection range (fox sized target)

    The Arrow is a rear mounted digital NV add on to covert your day scope to night vision without loss of zero (requires parallax adj scope)

    We will be launching these at the British Shooting Show next month with stock due early Feb.

    The unit does not have a digital video out port so this is filmed using an iScope iphone adaptor, so you can expect the physical image to be better of course but this footage gives you an insight into what to expect.

    We forsee it being very popular....

    Find out more about the Starlight Arrow NV here.



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    Have you tried the basic Arrow with the night master? Do you need anybody to field test the unit, i'm very willing!


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    If its as good as it looks it is a cheap entry for people that cannot afford other high cost NV..

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    Would like to see it on live foxes/ and bunnys
    looks good

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    Do you have a picture of the unit mounted on a scope attached to a rifle so we can get an idea of how the shooting position may look ?

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    What scope did you use for your tests?

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    Confused is what I am
    You list a basic unit at 349.99 and the same with an illuminator at 499.99
    the top spec on with a high power illuminator at 899.99
    So what is the 399.99 one, and what does it come with ?
    Also what size ocular bells will it fit with the supplied mount, and will it fit
    a scope with a tapered ocular bell like a Zeiss Victory FL

    The right answers will see me click the buy it now button


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    What scope were you using and what magnification?
    I can speak in-depth and with great knowledge about most subjects until some bugger who actually knows what he is speaking about opens his gob .

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    Can it be used with the NM800 ir that I already own and if it can how much is the top spec one without an illuminator.



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    Was the target 200 yards away?

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