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Thread: long range scope choice

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    long range scope choice

    I'm looking into ballistic turret scopes and I'm very much of the mindset, buy right, buy once.
    I've used a z6i which was very nice indeed but that's about it.
    I've heard folk raving about nightforce scopes but I've never used one and was wondering how clear they are through the magnification range.
    I've used cheepo scopes with 60x that are unusable past 20x magnification!
    I use a swarovski 6x42 on a 243 and I can't fault it, which is unfortunately steering me down the more expensive route of optics.
    The scope is destined for a 300 win mag that I intend to use for long range target and the larger deer species.

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    I have used a Nightforce 5.5-22 X 56 with the NP2-DD ret for the last ten years, been on a .223, .243, 300 Win Mag and now on a 7mm Rem Mag. Cannot fault it. I've been told that the Schmidt PMII is a great scope, but I would say that the Nigtforce is better value for money. That said if money is no object then I'd look at both. I personally like the optics in a Nightforce, but others don't rate them. Guess it's what suites your eye.

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    Looking at getting nightforce 3.5-15 with velocity 1000 reticle for 7mm rem mag being built at the moment. Long range hunting in africa being the objective. Try out their reticle calculator and then check it out on the strelok + app for I phones and android.
    Think sportsmans have the best prices. Oh forgot to mention they also do the zero stop turret, so no counting clicks just turn it back all the way.

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    I have a 6 x 24 x 56 zeiss on my 243 but have just got a 6 x 24 x56 Meopta on a 308 and what a scope that is for long range the glass is perfect

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    go on a different that is about long range shooting they will advise better than a website which is SUPPOSED TO BE ABOUT DEER AND DEERSTALKING!!

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    Give us a clue
    Quote Originally Posted by monarman View Post
    go on a different that is about long range shooting they will advise better than a website which is SUPPOSED TO BE ABOUT DEER AND DEERSTALKING!!

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    I use a Z6i for stalking, but recently built a target rifle and went scope shopping last week. Took myself of to a place where I could look through all the scopes I was interested in.

    I looked at:
    Z6i 5-30x56
    Zeiss Diavari 6-24x56
    Nightforce ATACR 5-25x56
    Nightforce NXS 5.5-22x56
    S&B PMII
    Kahles K624i 6-24x56

    To my eye the Swarovski was the best optically, but it obviously lacks the target turrets I wanted. The Nightfoce had some funky reticle options but it was noticeably less clear in the late afternoon light and the field of view was really narrow compared with the German/Austrain scopes. Although I really wanted to like them, it wasn't long before I ruled them out.

    The PMII was just too expensive sat next to the others in my opinion. I can't quite see how they can ask that kind of money in the company it is keeping. Yes I know it's good and I went with high expectations of getting one, but it lacks some of the features of the newer scopes.

    It boiled down to a tough choice between the Zeiss Diavari and the Kahles K624i in the end and after a fair bit of testing in different lighting conditions, the Kahles won it for me. Feature wise it trumped the Zeiss and optically they were pretty much indistinguishable. The way the parallax wheel works is brilliant and the "second turn" turret indicator is really useful. Zero stop and nice crisp distinct clicks and noticeably lighter than all the others (excluding the hunting orientated Z6i).

    When spending that much money on glass it's well worth taking the time to do some side by side comparisons for yourself. What's great for one person isn't always ideal for another. For me, the K624i was the pick of the bunch.
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    Also got the meopta 6x24x56 shot it on my 243 at 600 yards an was amazed I was watching the bullet strike.

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    I have three 6.5-20x50 Zeiss conquest and a Kahles 624i to cover the longer range stuff.
    Then again I have shot running game at 15yds with the conquest and most of my deer are shot offhand with my
    light tactical rifle/K624i. For longer range deer I just prefer the higher mag/parallax adj.
    I don't have to prove to myself what a great stalker I am, shot enough close range and think in many cases it is better to take a deer from a little distance.

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