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Thread: Geco .308 170gr ammunition

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    Geco .308 170gr ammunition

    This stuff is reasonably priced and shoots about 1"/100yds in my rifle, both of which strike me as good things.

    It is not, of course, a blisteringly high-velocity round.

    Anyone any experience of deploying it in the field?

    Comments gratefully receieved, dear colleagues.

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    The TYPE of projectile fitted will largely determine results at any given distance .
    What does it state on the box even for my limited German sprechen ?


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    I've used GECO ammo in .243, 9mm .32acp.
    It was cheaper than Baikal ammo so don't expect too much from them
    I think they are French

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    Have heard very good reports of RWS's Geco brand. They just use cheaper and simpler soft points than the RWS H-mantel and so on.
    Especially the 170gr 308 is mentioned for boar shooting with good kills but not always achieving an exit wound. This would make it ideal for our deer.
    I'd have no problems using it.

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    Eddi, they were/are French, but are now part of RUAG.
    I too have shot Geco a lot in the past, firstly in 12 bore and later as pistol ammo. All the Geco products that I have used have been first rate.
    I am currently using Geco .22 target ammo and can't fault it, tighter groups in my Brno/CZ than Eley and much cheaper. Also very consistent when checked through the chronograph. Personally I would say that they have always been in a much higher league than Baikal.

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    8x57, maybe a bit swiss too. RUAG / Dynamit Nobel / RWS...
    You are right, I'd also rate it quality ammo at a good price.

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    A friend uses this brand in his .243 and gives me the empties.
    The box states `Geco`. Dynamit Nobel , Troisdorf , Germany .


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    Sorry gents but I am getting a little be-fuddled in my old age, and the memory is playing tricks on me. The French12 bore cartridges that I used to buy years ago were Gevelot and not Geco. But the 9mm and .357 ammunition was Geco and very good it was too, and at a reasonable price. Fancy confusing Geco and Gevolet ! Mind you they both may now be owned by RUAG?

    Geco is a German company and associated with RWS and Norma and several other makes and comes under the RUAG Ammotec banner, which as has already been pointed out is a Swiss company.

    Now where did I put that humble pie? The memory is going you know, or did I already say that????

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    I should have mentioned, the Gustav Genschow & Co (Berlin) ammunition I have is loaded with big old-fashioned round-nosed soft-points.

    Edi's comments are encouraging - a plain, unfancy soft-point should be fine for hinds.

    I'm going to chrono some next week, weather permitting, and will then assess whether the probably rather loopy trajectory will be OK on the hill.

    I suspect that zeroing 2" high at 100yds will give a reasonable point-blank range with -1.5" at 200, -6" at 250 and -13" or so at 300yds.

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    It sounds as if you have the TEILMANTEL bullet .
    When I had my first rifle it was a 7X65R O/U and was regulated for the 11.2 gram [ 173 grain ] TEILMANTEL bullet .
    I shot hundreds of Deer of 5 species and one Chamois with it and had no problem other than sourciing the ammo.
    Grays of Inverness and Frank Dyke were two of the places which had it .


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