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Thread: Which two calibers would you choose?

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    Which two calibers would you choose?

    I have a 270win, but just bought a 223Rem because roe hunting is my favourite and why not get a caliber which is perfect for that. In my opinion 223Rem is that.

    Now I have 270win and 223Rem. 223Rem for roe and fox and 270win for larger animals.

    Now after I got my 223Rem I cant decide if I should change my 270W to something better, when I now have two rifles. Instead of having small and medium I am think about having small (223) and large (9,3x62, 300win mag)

    What do you think and what would you do?

    What I plan using my 270w for is Roe, Wildboar, Stags, Fallow, Moose in Sweden and so on.

    And as I said 223R only for Roe and fox.

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    When the rifle cracked, the buck turned over clear over in the air, and hit like a bag of potatoes.
    "Whoopee!" said Zefarino. "That's the kind of rifle I like, one that has power. One shot and the buck doesn't move. How do you call it?"
    "The .270," I said.
    "The same one you shoot the ram with, no?"
    "The same."
    "With the .30 you shot a buck and it ran. Then the smaller boy shoots a buck with the .25 and it ran. Now the large boy shoots a buck with this rifle and it is dead in its tracks. How good a rifle, this .270!"
    "It shoots a good ball," I said, "--a very fast ball."
    "Like the lightning!" said Zefarino.

    Why do anthing other than purchase a nicer 270??


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    Yea I have to admit that 270w is a nice allround caliber.

    Maybe I will change my mind when I have tried my 270 on a wild boar and it went right down ;-)

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    9.3x62 would probably do what you want.

    I've got one and I really like it. (Sometimes for roe the .300WM can have too much velocity for roe if encountered close up. A well constructed 9.3 will not be going so fast so less chance of excessive bruising).



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    I want that FN 9.3!!!!!


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    308 is a great caliber, the forestry commission must use them for a reason

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    .270 all the way....flat fast hard hitting....

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    .308 win and .375 h&h

    Shoot most of my deer and fox with the 308, but the 375 stamps authority on anything it touches. The .223 is great but it's not the big sexy...

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    Why have two if you can have three 22/250. 6.5x55 .308 arhhh that's better .

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kalahari View Post
    I want that FN 9.3!!!!!

    It isn't like I don't let you borrow it...

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