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Thread: 12 bore and .410 slug moulds

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    12 bore and .410 slug moulds

    Italian made brass 12 bore ball mould with integral handles - scissor type. 20.00
    Lyman 12 bore slug mould complete with detacheable handles, this is a hollow slug similar to the old fashioned airgun slugs of the 1950's. 45.00
    Lyman .410 mould block with no handles, this is also a hollow base slug. 25.00.
    The whole bundle for 70.00.

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    I would like to ask if I could purchase the Lyman .410 Slug Mould? Please advise cost of the postage and packing and how you would like the payment to be made. Many Thanks!

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    Sorry gents, I have had an offer for the whole lot so for my convenience I have accepted.
    Incidentally, the .410 mould was very popular and I could have sold six if I had them.
    These are now sold subject to cash changing hands.

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