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    Carcass Tags

    Hi Everyone,

    I recently sold a carcass to a game dealer and attached to that was one of my BDS tags. The dealer has claimed that some of the carcass was contaminated and had to be disposed of and that they want some money back.

    They have sent me a letter stating the deer carcass and a Declaration Number on the carcass. This number does not match my tag number I attached to the carcass. When I took the carcass in I filled in a second declaration form supplied by the game dealer but was not given a copy and the number if there was one was not entered on the recipe I was given.

    My question is this,

    1. should the dealer have a copy of the carcass tag number I attached to the deer in there records?

    2. If they attached another tag to the carcass should mine have been left on the carcass as well?

    The reason I'm asking is that all I have for evidence is a few photos of the carcass they took after skinning.

    Thanks in advance


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    Speak to the dealer and tell him that the carcass was clearly not yours. Whilst you may not know the exact tag number you will be able to give him the tag number sequences that you hold.
    If he wants your continued business he should realise his mistake. Also maybe there is a lesson for all of us here. Include your tag number on the receipt!
    Your tag should remain on the carcass until it's no longer possible otherwise what's the point?

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    Your tag should stay with the carcase, if the dealer places another tag of his own he his duty bound to include your number to provide history

    my thoughts would be to visit the guy, explain and challenge the dealer, and clear it up and find another guy to take your carcasses

    i had had a problem with a dealer I had used a lot, not just deer, rabbits, game, wildfowl etc over payment times, I found a dealer now who pays on delivery, lives near me and 1.95 per pound for venison. 95 pence more per pound more than I was getting (95 pence)and he will have the lot off of me, no silly issues, he inspects on delivery agreement reached, payment, the eagle has landed 😃

    you don't have to put up with that, I have a contact in Cambridge who may take your beasts, and is solid, If you want his number Pm me and I'll send it over



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    tell him to go and whistle for his money, has he ever rang you to say the price of venison has gone up and he owes you money.

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    If the dealer cannot supply you with your carcass tag number they have broken the traceability record therefore I would assume they could be in the wrong. I have always understood that the sole purpose of tags is to trace food back to the primary producer (in this case that's you).

    However it is not up to you to fill in their forms and if they want to "re-ticket" a carcass they should (and in this case possibly you should have) included your original tag number on the 'new ticket'. Then there is traceability and hopefully no problem.

    I suppose you also need to ask yourself whether there was contamination or not and is it therefore a fair call by the dealer? I do know that some dealers in our area are a little keen to deduct "damage" hence I don't use them! If you are not happy shop around, there are a number of dealers outside Suffolk who will collect.

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    Once the dealer has received the carcass and paid you for it (so has accepted it) then all bets are off. You cant be held responsible for that carcass and how it reaches the end user. After all, whose to say that he chilled it properly or didnt drop it in a muddy puddle. The system of traceability would be a farse if you were responsible for that carcass from shot to table just because your tags on it.

    Bottom line, game dealer accepted it, didnt mention any concerns (i assume?) and paid you. You win some and lose some. Depends how you value the relationship with your dealer.

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    I have been to see the dealer and I was shown photos of a deer carcass skinned and hung up. My carcass tag was not visable and I disputed the fact that it was my carcass on the grounds my tag was not on it and the entry wound was not consistant with the carcass I took in. After I questioned this I was asked to leave and have since received a letter from the dealer trying to reclaim the money.
    I was under the impression they had to keep my tag on the carcass as well so I was a bit confused when there was no mention of my tag number in the letter sent to me.
    I'm looking forward to seeing what the response is when I question this with them In my return letter.

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    I know it's wet and not a lot of stalking to do but why are you wasting your time.

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    The dealer has no claim against you & is behaving foolishly. Once accepted into his care having inspected his purchase, the dealer is fully responsible for maintaining the carcass condition & further, having removed your tag is now unable to prove precisely whose carcass he's referring to. Plainly he's a numpty! Avoid the dealer next time. ATB
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