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Thread: .375 Ruger opinions please

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    .375 Ruger opinions please

    Hi all

    I have always lusted after a .375 h&h but being left handed choose has been difficult at a reasonable price. I am now in the us and have seen a new ruger mk77 for sale in .375 ruger. I have read a few reviews which are very favourable and conclude that its an improvement in terms of accuracy and velocity but would be interested in your views especially if you own this calibre.



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    I doubt if there has been any improvement in accuracy. I have built a half dozen 375's and have shot a dozen more and the 375 H&H is an inherently accurate cartridge. As to power? For what in the US do you need more power than a Holland and Holland can deliver? Stick with the classic. The 375 H&H is a fine and accurate cartridge for which brass and ammunition is readily available. PPU 375 H&H is as cheap as some brands of 30-06. Ever consider a Ruger #1 single shot?? Or a Savage?~Muir

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    Be aware that the legal minimum, in some places in Africa of 375 H & H may mean just THAT. 375 H & H and not a similar 375 cartridge.

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    Hi Jason, have you looked at Zastava's m-70's ? They are a mauser 98 variant and are available in left handed 375 H&H, as far as I know they are the only factory left handed 98's out there, but I may be wrong ? I recently did some work on a friends M-70 Zastava in 375 H&H ( right handed ) it is a good solid action, it isn't as polished as I'd like but for about $ 800 can , I can't complain. It's had about 150 rounds through it and it's smoothed out quite nicely. I don't know who carries them in the US, but you can look at them on Tradeexcanada. They have been importing them for some time now and have a good reputation here. It's the same rifle as the dis-continued Remington 798 and the Interarms Viscount and Whitworth expresses. I know they are available in stainless as well, I've got one here in 6.5X55, but I don't know if the left handed 375 is.
    As Muir already pointed out, the 375 H&H has plenty of power and is available in most places. The 375 Ruger is a good round but I've grown a bit leary of limited production cartridges that are all the rage for a while and then get dumped due to lack of sales. The H&H is a classic and I know I can always find ammo for it, whether the Ruger will be around in the years ahead is a bit questionable, something to keep in mind. Just one mans opinion.

    Good Hunting AB

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    There's a new Ruger #1 in 375 H&H sitting at the trading post. Nice rifle. If I didn't have a Model 70 I'd probably be interested....~Muir

    PS: Just checked Savage. No LH 375's but they say they might be able to make one.

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    I've owned a pir of 375 H&H's as well as shot those belnging to several friends . From the bench with the proper handload I've never seen one that didn't shoot better then most folks can hold it .

    My present 375 H&H is a Ruger #1 , I've actually owned this gun twice . I see no reason for it to leave here again . The other 375 I had was an Interarms Mark X Whitworth barreled action that a friend had stocked in a very nice piece of french walnut . That one also was a very good shooter .

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    The 375 Ruger is most likely an okay cartrige although I've not messed with it so cannot say for sure based on actual use . If however I wanted one I'd get it along with 100 or 200 pieces of brass and a set of dies . Then if they decide not to make it any longer so what I make 99% of my centerfire ammo anyway .

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    Hi all thank you for the feedback i will deliberate a little more and investigate rifle and bullet availability. I was not looking for the 375 ruger to offer any improvements on the legendary 375h&h but the reviews were really positive about its out of the box accuracy with hornady ammo. I am looking for a bolt action as i intend to go to africa for my 40th and want the insurance just in case. The rifle i have seen is the m77 stainless with laminate stock with the mauser feed system brand new for $700. So with a nice little low mag leuopold scope i could have a dangerous game rifle for about $1200. Next on the list is a 30.06 for plains game and white tail what do guys think about hills country rifles harvester? Seems a hell of a semi custom rifle for the $

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