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Thread: Tikka 595

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    Tikka 595

    I am thinking of changing my 595 .222 for a T3 stainless in the same callber.
    Been looking for a synthetic stock for the 595 but have decided to go for a T3.

    If anyboy has had any dealings with a T3 in .222 i would apreceate any comments or thoughts on this.


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    My M595 .223 stock suffered a catastrophic failure one afternoon, I sourced a synthetic replacement the same week from Continental shooting at Dalry,(Tikka), they may still have some. Steve.

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    The Tikka 595 is a superior rifle IMO to the latter T3, the T3 was a cost engineering job brought about when Sako brought the Tikka Company,(Now both owned by Beretta). Some cynical people said that the 595 was too good for it own good and to much a rival to the Sako 75. So Sako introduced the T3.

    The difference are in the small details, the T3 is one action length for all calibres while the 595/695s are short and long actions for the specific calibres, the older Tikka 5 shot mag’s are steel while all the T3s are plastic.

    All the above said the T3 is an excellent and accurate rifle, but for me the 595 has the edge is small details.



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    Thanks for the comments lads if i PX my 595 against a T3 the money i would have spent on the stock would get me a T3.

    The 595 is a cracking rifle Tahr & bloody accurate to 1/2 to 1in at 100m
    & it looks good as well.

    Decisons Decisons.

    Ok looks like i am going to give Tom at Dalry a phone again to get a synthetic stock.
    My xmas presant to me.


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    Macky, I would not take a T3 in place of the 595 in a straight no cash swap.

    If the 595 needs a stock, buy it one, they are not hard to come by. If it needs rebarreled, rebarrel it.

    Phone Chris Blackburn at UKgunworks, he will know the best stock option for the Tikka.

    Here in NI good second hand 595's cost more now than they did when new.

    595 is really a superior rifle.

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    My tuppence worth

    Keep the 595, restock it, rebarrel it...... love it.

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    Tikka260, you are a man of rare good taste... 8)

    My Sako 75 in 260. The differences between the 595 and the Sako 75 are relatively small, the Sako has a 3 lug bolt and a few other refinements.

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    I return the compliment, but as you can see I appear to have taken a similar line as yourself with my Sako75. Mine is in 7-08 and shoots 140Gn Accubonds or BTs to less than .3MOA if I do my bit on the day. The Tikka performs just as well but with 120 BTs.

    oh..... Macky ; and my apologies for hijacking the thread, but the answer remains valid, stick with the Tikka 595!

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    Hey I recognise that 260 (Tikka 260 )

    Looks as good now as when it spent a holiday with me.

    Tikka 595 / T3?

    Keep your money, find a stock for the 595, FAR better rifle.

    Your limited to Mcmillan and there are some Manners stocks coming through for the 595, they fit well and transform the rifle - especially if the original is the flexy "nylon".

    T3, rifle built to a budget, one action length, seen a few with burs on the inside of the "finished" actions - not proper QC pre change of ownership days.

    The T3's shoot, and are again transformed by aftermarket stock, this time the Robertson would be my preferance.

    You already own the better action, keep it.

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    Hi Andy

    Hey I recognise that 260 (Tikka 260 Laughing )

    Looks as good now as when it spent a holiday with me

    Cept its had a coat of "Dulux" on the metally bitz... courtesy of Kal the Jaeger Man; it turned out fine, shoots better with the 120's than it did with the 100's. I think it enjoyed the vacation oop north , certainly did it some good, and the Fallow hate it.

    Still haven't shot it with the moderator, and maybe won't , as it is great to stalk with it as it is.

    I ought to be back home by Monday, and I'll give you a call about another project I have in mind.



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