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    Hi All,
    I subscribe to the Sporting Rifle and some time ago a book was being advertised entitled 'The Sniper' or something like that? I have looked back through my copies but suspect it is in one of two that I have lent out? Any ideas what the title is, author and publisher? Been in touch with Magazine but they don't have a quick search engine. Seasons greetings, thanks.

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    it might have been the illustrated manual of sniper skills.

    i have this and its a good book - lots of stuff i wont ever need to use hopefully but its a good read

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    The book you mean is:

    Illustrated manual of Sniper Skills, by Mark Spicer currently 7.77p in paper back.

    I got it 2 xmas's ago and agree it is a good read, some usefull tips.

    I will let you spot the numerous mistakes in it, the author if he is/was a sniper didn't proof read it very well or is lucky not to be dead mith their lack of attention to detail.

    I suspect also some negs got transposed at printing or he is very good in being able to shoot both right and left handed.

    Lost my copy to my son who thinks it is great.

    Surprised as such a new book some of the gear looks a little outdated but then again they not going to reveal to joe public what they are currently using.

    Happy X mas reading


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    You may find these of interest, "With british snipers to the Reich", by a chap with a catchy name Captain C. Shore & anything on a US Marine called Carlos Hathcock.

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    This is the best book I have ever read on the subject.

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    I agree with Matt:

    This updated and expanded edition of The Ultimate Sniper includes cutting edge sniper rifles, scopes, ammunition and equipment, the latest tactics and techniques from the frontlines of the War on Terror, analysis of evolving technologies, detailed ballistics and trajectory data for sniper ammunition, an all-new chapter on countersniping "lessons learned" in Iraq and Afghanistan and an up-to-date listing of U.S.-based sniper training programs.

    However buy it here for 1/2 Amazon UK's price

    NB See Paladin's 'Slightly Scruffy' section for a bargain.

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