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Thread: Swarovski EL 8x42 Range Finder BNIB

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    Swarovski EL 8x42 Range Finder BNIB

    Swarovski EL 8x42 Range Finder "SEE BRILLIANTLY" The EL Range redefines hunting equipment. A single instrument combines the capability of razor-sharp, top-quality optics with precise measuring. Highest transmission values, low weight, and the widest field of view in its class literally set new standards for optics and precise measuring.

    Best Observation Performance without Optical Compromise
    - High image quality and transmission values for bright high contrast images
    - Especially wide field of view due to the wide-angle ocular (61)
    - Maximum exit interpupillary distance (better visual comfort, especially for eyeglass-wearers)
    - With an approx. weight of 32oz / 900g, the lightest in its class

    Precise Measuring
    A steady hand is required for measuring distant targets. The legendary EL wrap-around grip, the low, perfectly balanced weight, and the unique shape ensure the EL Range's good handling characteristics and the display of the exact distance to the desired target.

    Intuitive Technology
    - Optimally positioned measuring button on the binoculars provides quick measuring results
    - Small reticle for precise measurements for long distances
    - Measuring scope: 33 1,500 yds ( 30 1,375 m)
    - Measuring accuracy 1 yard (1 m) over the entire measuring range
    - Display has optional fixed brightness level or automatic brightness adjustment for different backgrounds
    - Simple and intuitive menu operation

    Unsurpassed Ergonomics
    - The EL wrap-around grip ensures binoculars can be held steadily and focus even the smallest targets at a great distance
    - The ergonomic shape provides additional stability and permits single-handed operation

    Precise Hits with Swaro-Aim
    Many hunting challenges are caused by geographic circumstances. Firing an accurate shot uphill or downhill requires precise timing and ballistic experience. Or a precise measuring instrument. The EL Range with SWARO-AIM is equipped with a completely new angled-shot program developed by SWAROVSKI OPTIK, which determines the precise, correct distance and an exact aim - even in the most demanding terrain.

    The Only Angled Shot Program: Swaro Aim
    Calculates the correct bullet trajectory for angled shots on the basis of the program developed by SWAROVSKI OPTIK, while taking into consideration the measured distance and angle to the target.
    - Scan function, also for measuring angles
    - Optional display of angle or corrected shooting distance
    - SWARO-AIM display turns on and off easily as needed
    - Not dependent on caliber

    • Magnification: 8x
    • Objective Lens (mm): 42
    • Exit Pupil (mm): 5.3
    • Exit Pupil Distance (mm): 19.2
    • Field of View at m/100m:137
    • Field of View (Degrees): 7.8
    • Subjective Field of View (Degrees): 61
    • Shortest Focusing Distance(m): 5
    • Dioptric compensation (dpt): -7/5
    • Interpupillary distance (mm): 56-74
    • Twilight factor acc. to DIN 58388: 18.3
    • Length approx (mm): 166
    • Width approx (mm): 117
    • Height approx (mm): 81
    • Weight approx (g): 910

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    Are they new out of the box?

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    can be
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