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Thread: Nissan Terrano S reg - cheap as chips

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    Nissan Terrano S reg - cheap as chips

    As per title - 2.7 TD van back, 85000 miles on the clock, had it a year and its been a beaut - starts every time no grumbles, knocks, clanks or smokes. I've only put diesel in it and had an oil change. 7 months MOT, 2 months or so tax. Dark green, central locking, aircon. 4WD works a treat.

    Generally in good, clean condition. Bad points: stereo doesn't work well, badly wired - never bothered to sort it, rust spot on bonnet about the size of a penny, but surface only, passenger window a bit stiff, ignition key doesn't fit the rear door (but doesn't matter as its c.locking), one tyre has a slow puncture but a spare that's good, came with no real history to speak of and frankly I'm dubious about the mileage looking at the wear on the seats/steering wheel, . But then for the price I paid I didn't care (which, incidentally is slightly more than I'm selling it for).

    Cracking van that will go on and on and on, pulls like a train and goes like stink (but doesn't smell like it).

    Only selling because I can no longer afford to run 2 vehicles, otherwise I wouldn't even consider it. Priced to sell at 800.

    You know what they all look like so if you are interested - come and see it.

    Will consider p/x cheapish sbs shottie, .308 or 17HMR.

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    you have a PM


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    Sold today pending payment/collection ....

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