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Thread: Mixed meat sausages

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    Mixed meat sausages

    Hi Guys

    i think I have nailed the sausage making now, now getting consistent weight and sizes at last 😬

    experimentation is the in word now. 👀. 😃

    Anyone have any recipes for venison and other meats together, I have access to pork, rabbit, pheasant, partridge, wildfowl and pigeons as well as venison to trial on

    Have used venison and pork in various persuasions and good results, just wondered if anyone has used game etc with a reasonable result on taste and are there any better fillers/rusks/ spices etc to use, at present very low on spices etc, all mine have been really plain jane sausages.

    Any suggestions or recipes would be most welcome



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    whats your Venison mix Im about to try making some and burgers

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    Try 70% venison (trim any sinew away)
    20 % fatty pork
    10 % breadcrumbs
    salt pepper nutmeg sage
    onion if you want
    or chili if you want them hot.

    blend but not too fine

    you know its all good meat you put in
    press them into flat round burgers
    eat as sausage or burgers.. breakfast or dinner

    (they retail at about 9 a kilo from posh shops)
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    I've made venison and rabbit mixed, was ok. Also rabbit and pigeon mixed, which worked well to me. Used a standard pork sausage seasoning mix as I found the general venison/game mixes a bit strong.
    Only down side was you need to prep down a lot of bunnies and pigeons to make a bigger batch !

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    Hi Guys
    i used 7 to 1 mix
    7 pound of venison. One pound of belly pork one pint of rusk and seasoning salt & pep only pint chilled water

    Next batch I used the same but with a pack of butchers seasoning mixed sage etc with chilled dry cider instead of water

    Both were delicious, the chilled water one held up fantastic on cooking, really pleased as it was just same old same old, even the Mrs commented on them as usual but this time in a very positive way ��

    Next batch will be to have a go with rabbit, pigeon and venison to make up the 7 pound in weight, then pork fat and butchers seasoning pack and use chilled cider On Light mince. - that one seems to taste better. Might be the cider who knows.

    Initially I made a batch of straight venison chipolatas on fine mince with no pork fat. �� Could have used em for fixing oak beams without having to drill a pilot hole hard or what. My wire didn't complain on the extra dog food

    best part is, I don't have any waste at all, just bones now, any rough stuff goes to the dogs.

    Getting hunger paings already thinking about it


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    Can you give some more details on your rabbit mix's

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    I had a little session the other week and did this as a starter mix.

    3lb muntjac mince - lean trimmed meat only
    1lb minced pork shoulder

    Then tried a few differing additions like worcester sauce, chilli flakes, garlic powder, mixed herbs, etc, but found the best one to be garlic powder and cranberries that had been soaked in port. Yet to do a proper batch of sausages but I reckon they will be proper tasty!!
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    If I remember right the ratios were Venison 75% to Rabbit 25%. The Rabbit and Pigeon were 50/50 for the meat.
    10lb meat, 3/4lb rusk, 1 1/2lb water, 4oz standard traditional pork saus' seasoning.

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    any pork in the mix ? For the a bit and venison



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    Hello Phil, no, I didn't put any pork in those ones. They were both firm sausages, more like a traditional Cumberland or Toulouse in texture than a standard pork sausage.
    If I was going to add pork it would be thick end belly from up near the shoulder by preference or going into the 'hand'. I'd be after the thicker and more solid white fat.
    Ratio would probably be around 1 1/2 to 2lb of that to 8 1/2 or 8lb of the other meats. I might drop the rusk content slightly aswell to balance extra moisture of the pork.

    The real fun of making your own sausages is getting them how you like them and being able to jiggle. The ones I make for home or friends are very different beasts to the ones I make at work (which are still decent sausages)

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