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Thread: RSPB - "Letter to the Future"

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    RSPB - "Letter to the Future"

    Opening my mail this morning i was pleased to see a letter of support for the RSPB.

    The RSPB is a client of our Consumer Logistics Group and with over 2000 employees we have been asked to sign up and show support..

    The RSPB says " We need as many people as possible to sign the letter so that we can let government know how important nature is to us all.

    We will achieve this by showing politicians that hundreds of thousands of people care about nature and want to see it protected not just for the short term but for future generations."

    The letter asks politicians to do six things, which are at the heart of the RSPBs conservation work..

    * Create a countryside fit for wildlife

    * Safeguard our sealife

    * Stop extinctions

    * Save the rainforests

    * Stop climate chaos

    * Inspire children through nature

    The RSPBs goal is to get 300,000 signatories to the letter by early spring 2010 - for the run-up to the Westminster general election

    And 500,000 signatories by spring 2011..

    If you woukld like to support this you can access it at this web address


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    Re: RSPB - "Letter to the Future"

    I doubt whether anybody subscribing to this forum will disagree with these general sentiments.

    I do, however, wonder what they mean by the following -

    Create a countryside fit for wildlife
    I'm sure they are referring to the need to mitigate the effects of agriculture on wildlife, but let's not forget that the best natural balance possible is that achieved by nature itself, unfettered by the excesses of humankind. The use of the word 'create' poses enormous ethical arguments.

    I ventured along the trail of pages that ultimately leads to the point where one can sign the said letter. Worthy though it might be, I was disappointed to find that the RSPB were, in the process, gathering my contact details, presumably as some form of marketing ploy. Despite offering the option to decline future correspondence, I felt this was one request too many and bailed out of the process without signing.

    I also noticed the picture of the young girl and her post-it note asking for a future filled with sparrows and bluebells. Might this possibly be a reference to the RSPB's endorsement of a policy to eradicate muntjac?

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    It is my belief that the R.S.P.B. are in direct conflict with some wildfowling groups around the UK, as they have a certain financial clout I will deny them my few pennies, & signature

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    Although you may be heartened to know they actively support deer stalkers controlling the woodlands, there are a few very open minded inividuals in the RSPB who understand managing the countryside that is done by many estates to promote shooting directly benefits birds but a lot of bleedin narrow minded idiots also sadly don't see this.
    Maybe it woulsd be an ideal time for some of our shooting groups to make this point to the public.

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    In my opinion the R.S.P.B are a blinkered organisation who have never yet sat down at a tabled meeting with the intent of meeting anyone halfway. They are constantly abusing gamekeepers and private landowners. They forge ahead with questionable reintroductions (sea-eagles) and have no regard for the fact that the countryside is primarily a work place.
    I will never contribute support to such a malignant organisation.

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    Oh yea, and their mangement plans have successfully eradicated the bittern from Leighton Moss and black game and caper' from almost all of their Scottish land holdings.
    Edit. The Game Conservancy Trust is a far better hope for anyone who hunts, shoots or fishes and wishes to teach their grandchildren to do the same.

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    As a keen wildfowler they are enemy #2, after Natural England.

    The RSPB has bought up so much prime wildfowling marsh and continue to do so. Being such a rich organisation the wildfowling clubs are almost powerless to stop them, the only land clubs get to buy is land the RSPB does not want.

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    Personally I would not give the RSPB the time of day. The organisation seem to have a head in the sand attitude to avian predators.

    Where have all the wee birds gone
    Gone to feed raptors everyone.

    Any organisation which cannot face facts such as the impact of sparrowhawks on songbird populations does not deserve donations in cash or kind from from any person involved in fieldsports. This is just to quote one instance, the so called carrion and rabbit diet of buzzards being another prime example.


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    I have in the past supported the RSPB as I love birds and have no real argument with the six principles set out in Terry's post.

    I have stopped supporting them because they are hypocritical, they abuse gamekeepers, oppose the control of corvids, cormorants and saw billed ducks and yet shoot corvids and foxes on some of their reserves.

    I fish, stalk, wildfowl and rough shoot and I do not think that support of field sports is part of their overall strategy, quite the opposite, and I will not support them or give them another penny until I see some honesty and policy changes.

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    i to have had grief from rspb,telling lies ect and spying on me as well as the local keepers no suport here

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