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    Looking to purchase a dsc1 book, can anybody help please, thanks tim,

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    I bought mine from the BDS website. 35 delivered.

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    BDS sell them through there web site. No need to be a member or have booked on a course.

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    BASC certainly have a fairs/ shows etc. Their version is by David Stretton and its available direct from him via Donnington Deer Management.

    If thats the version you plump for and struggle at all drop me a PM - we issue this version as part of our courses and could sort something as a one off etc.

    Not seeking to pry, drift topic or get accused of 'hard sell' - but do keep in mind that most courses and study/assessment offers include a manual - so that may be a more cost effective route.
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    Hi m8,took my dsc1 with jelen deer,no need for a book with them,when you book they give you access to their online learning course once you've paid.You can test yourself whenever you want,when you know it,take the exam,fortunately i passed first time.Just curious,were you in the legion? I was at Aubagne in 1990 just after the berlin wall came down.Mark.

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