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    Not quite a new member

    I have been a voyeur for some time now and thought its about time that I made a contribution.

    Intro:- I have DSC1,DSC2, ADM, HAD and a Game Conservancy game keeper training course. I have shot at but not necessarily hit a good many of our game and vermin species over the last fifty plus years(and several that I should not have when I was a boy). I live on the Herts Essex Cams border. I reload for two caliber's 308/222. help to run a small pheasant shoot, stalk fallow and muntjac for a large national organisation and enjoy a bit of fox and rabbit lamping. Shot sb/fb pistol when it was legal. Like Sako rifles, 75 the dogs bo***cks (why buy a remmy ,throw most of it away and still have to true up what's left.) Have bred and flown Harris Hawks ( my old retired male died at 23 a couple of years ago) had ago at most things even black powder,any way that's enough about me and before I have a bit of a moan I would like to say that through field sports I have come to know some really great people generous to a fault with their time and knowledge I would also like to say how useful and informative the site is with many helpful and extremely knowledgeable people. muir, jcs, 8x57 to name but a small fraction(apologies to the many good people I've missed out)

    Perhaps I should not be using the introduction to give my view of things but here we go :-
    I should really know better by now but still find some peoples attitude difficult to understand :- an example:-

    I was at the Bury stalkers evening where Paul Ventress gave an interesting talk on the german system of training tracking hounds, later on this forum we have a few rude ungrateful people posting snide comments about being bored, falling asleep and the poor standard of German marksmanship I don't suppose for one minuet that these keyboard complainers would have the balls to stand up and do a presentation next year. I would quite like that as I quite fancy having a go at being a rude inconsiderate arsehole.

    At nearly sixty I feel a little saddened and disappointed, I have seen the gradual erosion of field and shooting sports, the tightening of fire arms and related legislation (shotguns from a right to own with a gun licence obtained at the post office to being one step away from being listed on your F/A certificate ,the loss of automatic rifles,pistols, bow hunting, the ridiculous rules on expanding ammo, closed certificates, mentoring, knives it goes on and on.When I've spoken to the shooting organisations and asked why aren't we being more proactive, we should be pushing to reinstate some of what we have lost, their response is that's not within our remit it is up to other organisations interested in these activities to fight their corner. How does that work when these activities are now banned. Over the years we the shooting community have adopted a narrow and short sighted view only concerned with our specialist area of interest. We have stood back and sacrificed minority groups in the vain hope that the problem would go away. The one thing I have learnt in life is that if you keep a low profile, concede to every demand made upon you and stick your head in the sand all you get is an almighty kick up the arse. Throughout the last fifty years we seem to have been fighting on all fronts and losing, waiting to see what vote catching hair brained ban or restriction "they" will bring in next. The whole field sports community needs in my opinion to wake up and stand together and above all help and encourage youngsters ( the above mentioned stalkers evening a short time ago was like a middle age and geriatric convention I had one hell of a job to park my Zimmer frame). You may not like or agree with bow hunting, pistol shooting or hunting with dogs but without them we are all diminished (divide and rule is how the system works) our paranoia over shooting land, squabbling and bitching plays right into their hands. I must admit that what ever happens now will probably have little effect on my sporting activities but at this rate unless we pull our finger out there will be little left in another fifty years. The "wind in the willows brigade" are going to win.

    You may think as my wife does that I am a moaning grumpy old ******* you and her are probably right

    (I didn't mean it about Remington's you cant help it if your easily satisfied)
    (some of the shooting organisations have belatedly begun to get their act together re youngsters-better late than never)
    (cant see what's the problem with bow hunting- have to be a top class stalker, no meat damage good blood trail what more do you want?)

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    Now that's an introduction.....
    Only one thing wrong-Paul Ventress not Peter.
    Everything else bang on the money....
    Come to Kelso and talk to us.We will be there doing presentations,again boring the all knowing keyboard complainers.We are NOT boring keyboard complainers-we are boring dog owners who track with a German twist
    We will be accompanied by some of our German friends also.
    Never has there been so much truth in one introduction.
    Be good to meet you.You may even meet Peter
    Discretion assured
    - call us anytime, free on 0800 689 0857

    please visit our web site: uksha1
    or find us on facebook
    Sponsored proudly by Pfanner, Blaser, Clark Forest, John Forsey sports

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    Welcome, good post! You are correct, we must stand together. Look forward to seeing you again, this time at Kelso.

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    Welcome pal I bet you can talk more than me!

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    Welcome to the site, quite an intro. Can I ask that if this thread looks as if it is going to develop legs and run could you start whatever debate arises in the appropriate forum, ta

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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